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!!! WARNING !!!

this mod replaces files from the base game. To remove the mod, right click on bannerlord in your steam games list, then select ownership, local files and finally click on check the completeness of game files.

Permissions and credits
vikings storm est un mod de "Convertion Totale". La map ne sera plus Calradia, mais l'Angleterre. Quand aux personnages, villes, cultures, factions etc... Ils deviendront ceux des séries "Vikings" et "The Last Kingdoms", ainsi qu'un peux de réalité historique.

vikings storm is a "Total Convert" mod. The map will no longer be Calradia, but England. As for the characters, cities, cultures, factions etc ... They will become those of the series "Vikings" and "The Last Kingdoms", as well as a bit of historical elements to fill the gaps.

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Mod development is on hold due to a bug that I cannot fix. The problem occurs when I load a game that I saved with my mod, the game crashes. Please feel free to tell me if you also have the bug or not, thanks. 


! Your opinion is important !

1) Which faction should Uhtred go to ? (choose here -


! Version Actuelle (0.1.6) !

Ce qui est déjà fait/What is already done :
- Une parti des seigneurs de Norvège (visage/traits de caractère/compétence etc...) / A party of the lords of Norway ((face / character traits / skill etc...).
- Quelques musiques de Vikings / Some music from Vikings.
- La refonte du menu principal / The redesign of the menu menu.
- Les bannières des différents clans / The banners of the different clans.

! Pour la Version 0.2 !

I have made good progress on version 0.2!
However, I have decided to postpone the release of this version as I am currently in the process of creating custom armours and weapons for most of the important characters. This can delay the publication by several days / weeks. I want the entire Norwegian faction to be completed for the release of version 0.2.
What I change for the 50 lords of Norway (sturgia):
- their names.
- their descriptions.
- their faces.
- Their skills.
- their character traits.
- their weapons.
- their armor.
Sorry for the wait, but tell yourself that in the end, you will have a perfectly realistic faction linked to the series! 

Heroes and lords for East Northumbria (vikings) :
1 Clan Lothbrok (King Ragnar, Queen Aslaug, Rollo, Ubbe, Ivar, Hvitserk).
2 Clan Chancla (Jarl Lagertha, Sigvard, Bjorn Ironside, Gunnhild, Jarl Kalf, Hali).
3 Clan Thorvald (Jarl Thorstein, Aude, Olaf, Thurid, Thordein).
4 Clan Gautar (Jarl Borg, Torvi, Guthrum, Haarik, Eivor, Randvi).
5 Clan hárfagri (Jarl Horik, Gunnhild, Erlendur, Knuthild, Ari, Olrun).
6 Clan Hastain (Jarl Haraldson, Siggy, Jarl Bjarni, Thyri, Svedorn, Lydvor).
7 Clan Auga (Jarl arne, Floki, Helga, Tanaruz, Angrboda).
8 Clan Ulfr (Jarl Kjartan the cruel, Fiske, Sven).
9 Clan gimsteinn (King Harald Fairhair, Halfdan, Ellisif, Eric Bloodaxe).

Town and Castle for East Northumbria (Vikings) :
1 Clan Lothbrok (Eoferwic, Malton Castle, Ford Castle).
2 Clan Chancla (Inderawuda, Driffield Castle).
3 Clan Thorvald (Sneaton Castle).
4 Clan Gautar (Northallerton, Bolton Castle).
5 Clan hárfagri (Hexam).
6 Clan Hastain (Inhrypum, Middleham Castle).
7 Clan Auga (Scarborough Caste).
8 Clan Ulfr (Dunholm).
9 Clan gimsteinn (Corbridge, Whitley Caste).

La version française est en développement. Vous ne devrez pas utiliser de traduction francais dans votre jeux, elle sera directement intégré au mod.

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