Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Enables modders to have their troop trees added to the game without replacing existing troop trees.
NEW: Removed MCM for better compatibility. MCM is a great tool and Aragas a formidable modder but MCM and Modlib turned out to be a major factor when it comes to crashes. I'm sure they'll fix them eventually but for the time being I will not use

Permissions and credits
The main function of the mod is to enable modders and players to have more than one type of basic or noble recruit for a faction. My own Chael Nad'ra units have been configured as an example (optional download). They will spawn in Battanian, Vlandian and Sturgian empires (configureable) and can not be recruited by AI lords (also configurable).

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What the mod does:
  • Provide the possibilty to add additional troop trees without replacing existing ones and without messing with culture files
  • Enable the player to decide whether the AI can recruit certain troop trees or not (standard native recruits excluded)
  • OPTIONAL: Provide a new troop tree with a pretty powerful set of units called the Chael Nad'ra. They are pretty rare and can be configured to hardly show up at all (see configuration). The Chael Nad'ra consist of both men and women.

The mod does NOT:
  • Create troop trees - you have to either use/modify the one supplied (Chael Nad'ra) or add your own either via a separte mod or add them to the ad_troops.xml
  • The mod does not change any of the original game files by using Harmony and should be compatible with most mods.


  1. OPTIONAL but recommended: Deinstall/Delete any previous installations of ATC (backup your configuratins in case you had them in the ATC folder though!)
  2. Either use Vortex to install ATC or manually extract the content of the main file into your Bannerlord /Modules folder. After the installation there should be a subfolder called "AdonnaysTroopChanger" within your Bannerlord /Modules folder.
  3. When installing manually check that no .dll files in /bin/Win64_Shipping_Client are blocked by your system (right click -> properties).
  4. Activate the mod in the Bannerlord Launcher.
  5. The Mod Scan function is disabled by default. You have to enable it in the new ingame Mod Options! Enable "Mod Scan" in the ingame Mod Options menu to allow ATC to automatically scan for configuration files in activated mods - advised for normal users who just want to play and don't want to mess with any kind of xml file.

  6. - OR -

  7. If you DO NOT want ATC to scan mod folders for configuration files, DISABLE the Mod Scan option and copy those configuration files into the ATC /Config folder. You do NOT have to merge them manually (but you can of course) - advised for advanced users who want more control over their configuration files.

  8. TIP: You can also enable the Mod Scan option once, start the game, let ATC create a ATC.config.merged.xml and use that merged xml as your new manual configuration file by renaming it to <SomeNameHere>_ATC.modconfig.xml

Do not deinstall the mod when you already have custom troops (i.e. Chael Nad'ra) spawned in your savegame (if you spent any second in the game with the mod enabled and saved it again). It will crash upon loading that save file! It you don't want to use the mod anymore, as with all troop mods it is only possible to disable the mod before you create a new game.

The mod contains the following files:

  • /Config/empty_ATC.modconfig.xml -  Example configuration file with explanations
  • /Config/ATC.settings.xml - Main configuration file for things like logging information and the Mod Scan option
  • /bin/Win64_Shipping_Client/0Harmony.dll - external tool to change the result of standard methods without changing them directly
  • /bin/Win64_Shipping_Client/AdonnaysTroopChanger.dll - Main and patcher classes
  • SubModule.xml

The OPTIONAL Chael Nad'ra troop tree contains the following files:
  • /ModuleData/ad_troops.xml - Chael Nad'ra troop tree
  • /ModuleData/ad_items.xml - Chael Nad'ra items
  • /ModuleData/ad_crafting_pieces.xml - New crafting pieces for the new custom Chael Nad'ra weapons
  • /ModuleData/ad_crafting_templates.xml - New crafting templates for the new custom Chael Nad'ra weapons
  • /Config/ChaelNadra_ATC.modconfig.xml
  • SubModule.xml

Known Incompatibilities - These mods will NOT work with ATC
  • Soldiers of Fortune patches the same method ATC does so it will definitely have weird results having both mods active!

There will be bugs and some bugs might render your savegame unusable. Please be aware of that. The game at its current state is everything but robust, especially with mods enabled. Report any bugs and I will try to solve them IF they seem to be related to my mod but if you have multiple mods installed, especially multiple mods that do more than just change an XML, chances are that you will have problems.