Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

This mods adds a stash for every town you - the player - owns a workshop in.
You can access this stash and deploy raw materials, or take the produced goods out of the stash.
Both options - the Input & the Output - can be disabled.

Most likely incompatible with mods using the same files and/or implementing similar options li

Permissions and credits
Gameplay Changes

This mod adds a new menu to the town-menu named "Manage your Workshops." In this menu are 3 key-options:

- Browse your stash: You get access to the towns workshop-stash, in which you can put raw materials.
- Use materials from stash: (YES/NO): You toggle, whether your workshops should use the materials stored in the stash or not.
- Put produced goods into stash: (YES/NO): You toggle, whether your workshops should store the goods they produced in the stash or not.
(- go back to towncenter: You go back to the town menu.)

This mod does not change the producing rate or consumed goods of any workshop type.

Useful Information

This mod has no requierments but the base game.

It might be/most likely is incompatible with mods like "Workshop Manager", which are using the same files and/or implementing similar options.

This mod is savegame friendly from v1.1.0 onwards, which means it won't break save games on mod-remove. If you facing problems due to savegames created with a earlier version of this mod, please refer to the "How to fix a savegame broken by this mod." article in this mods article section!

For posting bugs and/or ideas for further improvement, please look up the "Bug Report" post in the article section of this mod.

Modders Information

Files/Methods Patched via Harmony:
- TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.Sandbox.CampaignBehaviors.WorkshopCampaignBehavior.ConsumeInput(): Prefix Patch.
- TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.Sandbox.CampaignBehaviors.WorkshopCampaignBehavior.ProduceOutput(): Prefix Patch.
- TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.Sandbox.CampaignBehaviors.WorkshopCampaignBehavior.DoProduction(): Transpiler Patch.

Source Code: