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Better Time updated to be compatible with the UI code in Bannerlord 1.5.9 and newer

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Shemiroth, the original author of Better Time, is no longer maintaining the mod. Because it modifies an XML prefab which only works on Bannerlord 1.5.8 and older, starting with 1.5.9 the extra time speed button no longer appears as this version uses new autogenerated prefabs.

With their permission, I have taken over the mod and updated it to work on Bannerlord 1.5.9.

Now with new MCM settings, the default speed options are 4x, 8x, and 16x.

Includes a localization template and Chinese localization by default.

If you encounter a crash, always provide the crash report. It makes it much easier for me to troubleshoot it.

Make sure that you are using the correct versions of the mod and its requirements for your game build!

It is safe to install and uninstall on an existing save.

Sources are here.

Discord server for my mods is here.

Original Description:

Currently the only speed options in Bannerlord are Pause, Play(1x) and FastForward(4x). I found Fast Forward to be a little too slow when I want to wait in a castle until I heal up or something, so I added an extra button that is 8x speed.

I have now added an extra speed option. While the user holds Ctrl + Space the game will be 12x speed.

Speed values are now customizable in the Settings.xml file found in the mod folder. (Replaced by MCM settings)

There was a new icon for the button but the way I added it was causing issues with new updates for the game. So it has been removed and replaced with a stretched version of the native icon.

Incompatible with SkipBanditDialog and any other mod that uses MapBar.xml. I am working on making it compatible.

I was hoping Taleworlds would of added this to the game by now :(