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This is a complete overhaul to recreate the world of azeroth!!

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  1. 1.6.2 update is out!New Content: Lok'tar Ogar
  2. Some orcs are grown, others born. Zzensan prefers to pull his orcs out of thin air.
    Cut through the Alliance (or the Horde, we don't judge) as a green giant and lead your clan to victory as
    we introduce a brand new army roster including classic Grunts and friends.

    New Content: New Trolls here

    How can you have the old world without one of the oldest races there is, the Trolls!
    Adaptive in nature, these trolls look suspiciously close to Humans but don't let that fool you, they're as
    beserk as ever!

    Reclaim your fallen empire, unite the tribes and do what Zul'jin could never manage!

    New Content: Oh hi Elves.

    Deep down, we all know the truth. Elves are just Humans with pointy ears and a god complex.
    No issue, it just means we'll have to work together on this one. We bring the Elves, you bring the attitude!

    Spellstealers, Archers, Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads, we've got them all!

    All new races have complete rosters & armor sets ready for you to play today. Visual updates are due to be added when TaleWorlds release custom skeleton modding tools.
    Just makes it more impressive we got this far really.

    Content Update: I could stare at this loading screen for hours!

    We have loading screen art.
    There is no joke here the update is too short.

    Content Update: Custom Cities

    We're not in calradia anymore, Toto. Especially not with the new custom cities and villages added around the map. See if you can find and kill someone in each of them.
    Piece by piece every town from Azeroth is coming and soon you will be able to rule all of them.

    Soon you won't even know what game you're playing! (bewerkt)
  3. Content Update: Calradia? NO, this is Azeroth! With this final push we have no longer have any remaining influence of the base game, all banners, zones and cities are now as they should be so you can be assured every place
  4. you died in warcraft, you can die here too!

    (The Mount & Bannerlord team is not responsible for any armor repair bills from being killed. Adventure at your own risk)

    Content Update: I live here!

    When spawning in Azeroth your starting location will now better reflect your chosen race

Still a BIG WIP but feel free to follow development + make suggestions! feel free to join and follow development !!!!


What positions need to be filled on the team?

Programmers - (implementing features)
Environment Artists - (creation of 3D-assets for both interiors and exteriors, most notably buildings etc.)
Map Artists - (creation of Height Maps from terrain generation software such as Houdini & World Machine for the sceners to use)
Character Artists - (creation of 3D-assets revolving around apparel, weapons and creatures)
Concept Artist - (creation of 2D concepts for designs of anything)
Other - If you wanted to, you can still apply for another role and we will still review your application.