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Big overhaul to transform calredia into azeroth. 23 cultures fully done.

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After almost 3 years of work we are proud to annouce:

This is a complete overhaul to recreate the world of azeroth!! It's currently pretty fleshed out already, this is what we have atm:
- 4 BIG continents ( Outland, Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend) 
-  23 Custom cultures ALL WITH UNIQUE troop trees!!!
- Magic (healing, fire, ...)
- Custom buildings (you can now do a lot more with towns)
- Custom Ai diplomacy to have AI make lorefull war decisions.
- Undead units consume no food or money (elite semi alive units do consume food)
- Lords don't respawn with a full strack of troops anymore after being defeated.
- 200+ Items
- 10 playable races all with other base stats.
- When you conquer a city, the city changes culture to yours.
- Custom map fully finsihed with doodads and overworld cities and places.

Installation instructions:Ensure you have the latest version of Harmony installed;
Switch Bannerlord game version to 1.0.3 (on steam Right click on Bannerlord, click properties, navigate to the BETAS tab. From the dropdown list, select v1.0.3 - v1.0.3);
Download mod, extract, and move the Modules folder into your steam Bannerlord folder;
Click "yes to all" when asked to overwrite files;
Start up the launcher, make sure your mod order is the same as the screenshot;
GAME WILL TAKE 1-2 MIN TO LOAD UP! THIS IS NORMAL AND IT HAS TO DO WITH CUSTOM RACES. this is not on our end so we can't solve that!
Click Sandbox. (Do NOT click New Campaign as this will crash your game);
Navigate through character creation. After you select your age, you must disable Birth and Death. If you do not do this, your game will crash every time a character turns 18;
Click Start Game and enjoy! Let us know what you think and submit any cool screenshots! feel free to join and follow development !!!!


What positions need to be filled on the team?

Programmers - (implementing features)
Environment Artists - (creation of 3D-assets for both interiors and exteriors, most notably buildings etc.)
Map Artists - (creation of Height Maps from terrain generation software such as Houdini & World Machine for the sceners to use)
Character Artists - (creation of 3D-assets revolving around apparel, weapons and creatures)
Concept Artist - (creation of 2D concepts for designs of anything)
Other - If you wanted to, you can still apply for another role and we will still review your application.