Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Equipment pulled directly from Tetsojin

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See permission if you want to use this mod to a public mod.

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Other Versions
Tetsojin (No New Settlement) - Compatible with mods that has new settlement. 
Tetsojin (Aka. Ronin) - Tetsojin culture added on campaign, with their own new settlement
Tetsojin Warfare (Tanegashima Edition) - Everyone is tetsojin, age of gun.

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go to Modules/Native/ModuleData/Modulestrings.xml

You can open it with normal notepad

Paste this line
<string id="str_crafting_template.katana" text="katana" />
<string id="str_crafting_template.TwoHandedPolearm_dismount" text="Advance Polearm" />

More images on Tetsojin (Aka. Ronin)