Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Continuation of Bannerlord Tweaks - v1.5.8 and above

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  • Turkish
Continuation of the Bannerlord Tweaks series.

Original mod:
Updated mod: (currently outdated)


Youtube Overview and Install Help
(Installation starting at 12:36)

by PluviaAeterna Thanks!

Full list of tweaks:

Quick Setup:

  1. Download & install this mod (extract into your Bannerlord Folder)
  2. It should be like this: \Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zzBannerlordTweaks)
  3. Download & install Harmony
  4. Download & install Mod Configuration Menu
  5. Download & install ButterLib (Requirement for MCM)
  6. Download & install UIExtender (Requirement for MCM)
  7. Modify your load order to load MCM and it's requirements before native mods, and Bannerlord Tweaks last.

(Note: Verify this load order even if you use an auto-sorting launcher, as they can frequently get it wrong and cause crashes)

Please verify, that all dependencies are loaded before Bannerlord tweaks and before the vanilla modules as shown above. Bannerlord tweaks itself should be loaded last (or very late).
Please also verify, that all of the vanilla modules are active, Native - Sandbox Core - CustomBattle - Sandbox - StoryMode.
If one of these is missing, Bannerlord tweaks can not be activated.

Some .dll can not be loaded?


Latest Update:

- You can now see your progress for culture transformation in settlement menu.
- New Tweak: Settlement Culture Transformation: Added an override option to choose a fixed culture to transform to for player-clan owned
- New Tweak: Kingdom Balancing: Taxation Efficiency: Increases/Decreases taxation from prosperity in towns and castles and
trade tax income in villages in relation to specific Balancing strength
- New Tweak: Kingdom Balancing: Wage costs: Increases/Decreases party and garrison wages in relation to Balancing strength factor.
- New Tweak: Kingdom Balancing: Quality of Recruitment: Increases the chance for upgraded recruits in relation to specific Balancing Strength factor. No effect if balancing strength < 0% (so no decreased chance for upgrades).
- Added player kingdom to Kingdom Balancing.
- Added support for new kingdoms and cultures from Calradia Expanded Kingdoms Mod.
- added localization support, localization for german language added
- fixed crash on changing production of your workshops
- updated ButterLib, MCM, UIExtenderEx, Harmony packages to their latest version, may help with problems at launch for some users
- Kingdom balancing now also effect the player if the player is a member of the specific ai kingdom
- New Tweaks for Workshop production item sell prices and workshop input items buy prices for much better profits control
- Settlement Culture Transformation: The last remaining town of a culture wont transform their culture to prevent bugs with vanilla code.

- militia hard cap and settings for villages
- Tweak for troop upgrade costs
- rework of troop training
- retreat/panic/fleeing in battles tweak
- food consumption tweak
- tweak persuation chance (when trying to get lords to join your faction)
- AI Lord party limit clan tier based (as player's limit)
- rework wage tweaks to be more granular/detailed (something in the direction kaos wentwith his mod)
- include tweak for bandit party limits (size and count)
- tweaks for death, injury probability and healing rates
- tweaks for excecutions,, f.ex. relationchange, cruelty, honor
- check possibility of amount of corpses tweak
- check battle size tweak (reinforcements/separate battles)
- add presets, one with old defaults
- somehow reorganize cluttered settings (ongoing ...)