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Adds several new crafting parts to the smithy and a few weapons using these to the marketplace. A total of 22 new crafting pieces are added.

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UPDATED to 1.7.X

Previous versions of the mod no longer work after the game's 1.7.0 patch.
If you're running 1.7.0 or above download "Excalibutter's Crafting Parts and Weapons (for 1.7.0 and above)" instead.
Previous versions are still available for download for those running previous versions of Bannerlord.

The Mod

This mod adds 25 new crafting parts to the smithy that can be used together with the vanilla parts. It also adds a few weapons using these parts for those who want the new content but don't want to bother with the smithy (the focus of the mod is on crafting parts though). Among the parts added are a few two-handed mace heads as I felt the game was lacking these. Most of the parts are realistic and lore-friendly with the main exception being the Buttering Ram. For that reason a version without it is available for those who find Swadian engineering to be immersion-breaking.

Both the crafting parts and the items using them are compatible with existing saves. The mod was tested in version 1.5.8 but should work with any version. This is my first mod so any advice is welcome.


Just extract the ExcalibutterCraftingParts folder to your modules folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules (or wherever you have Bannerlord installed). Then tick "Excalibutter Crafting Parts and Weapons" on the module list. Make sure you are loading the mod after the vanilla modules. Do not rename the mod folder or it will crash.


Q: Is this mod compatible with mod X?
A: It should be compatible with any mods except those that modify crafting pieces. This mod changes crafting pieces in the vanilla category rather than creating its own (since it adds pieces for multiple different weapon types the latter wouldn't make much sense) therefore it might conflict with another mod that changes crafting parts in the vanilla categories. Anything else should be ok.

Q: Does this mod work with version X?
A: The mod should work with any future version. In case that doesn't happen I plan to keep it updated to work with the latest version.

Q: The mod is crashing my game since the 1.7.0 patch.
A: Make sure you download the version for 1.7.0 and above. Previous versions of the mod no longer work in current Bannerlord builds.

Q: Do you plan to add more content to the mod further on?
A: It's not in my immediate plans as I intend to expand my knowledge of Bannerlord modding rather than keep working on weapons. However it is a possibility.

Q: Are these only high-tier crafting parts?
A: Most of them are, however there are a few low and mid-tier parts such as the four-pointed spearhead, the hat pommel or the cobra pommel.

Q: Is the mod compatible with old saves?
A: The mod is fully savegame compatible, however the items might take a few in-game days to start appearing in marketplaces.

Q: Are these resource-intensive? What are the requirements for the mod?
A: Requirements are the same as vanilla Bannerlord. Some of the models have a higher poly count than vanilla models but not unreasonably so. All of them have LODs so impact on performance should be slim to none.

Q: Does this mod have any requirements?
A: No other mods are required. However more crafting parts means unlocking the parts you want will take longer. For that reason I recommend using a mod like EasySmithing by nexusjonas99 to speed up part unlock rate. This is entirely optional though.

Q: I don't think item X fits bannerlord. Can you make a version without it?
A: If many people feel that way I will. Otherwise it would just lead to unnecessary file spam.

Q: Are any of the parts/weapons "cheat items"?
A: I tried my best to balance them with in-game items. They should be as balanced as vanilla. However if anyone feels otherwise any advice in this regard is welcome.

Q: Can I remove the mod without issues?
A: I haven't checked this thoroughly but just like most Bannerlord mods, if there are ingame items using the mod's content then most likely removing it will cause that savegame to crash.

Q: Weren't buttering rams banned by the Geneva convention?
A: They were. That is why a version without them is available.

Q: Can you release the buttering ram as a standalone?
A: I will be releasing that part and weapon as standalone very soon.

Parts list:

One-Handed Swords:

- Shroomy Pommel
- Cat Paw Pommel
- Duck Pommel
- Decorative Copper Pommel
- Fancy Pommel
- Hat Pommel
- Pinecone Pommel
- Rose Pommel
- Bronze Rose Pommel
- Decorative Rooster Pommel
- Cobra Pommel
- Etched Pommel with Turquoise
- Petal Guard
- Golden Petal Guard
- Azulejo Grip
- Shell Pommel

Two-Handed Swords:

- Shroomy Pommel (same as one-handed)
- Duck Pommel (same as one-handed)
- Decorative Rooster Pommel (same as one-handed)
- Cobra Pommel (same as one-handed)
- Etched Pommel with Turquoise (same as one-handed)
- Two-Handed Azulejo Grip

One-Handed Maces:

- Mushroom Mace (mushroom-shaped and very spiky mace head)
- Morningstar Head
- Shroomy Mace Handle (metal mace handle with mushroom tip at the bottom)

Two-Handed Maces:

- Maul Head (crude iron maul)
- Morningstar Head (same as one-handed)
- Buttering Ram
- War Hammer Head


- Kris Blade (damascus kris dagger blade)
- Decorative Rooster Pommel (same as one-handed sword)


- Four-Pointed Spear

Weapons list:

- Mace of Shrooms (one-handed mace using mushroom head and handle)
- Jewelled Sabre: (one-handed sabre with shroomy pommel)
- Decorated Jewelled Sabre (one-handed fancy sabre with shroomy pommel)
- Ceremonial Kris Dagger (dagger with kris blade and decorated rooster pommel)
- Lordly Spatha (one-handed sword with fancy pommel)
- Galo de Barcelos (one-handed sword with decorated rooster pommel)
- Golden Engraved Sword (one-handed sword with etched turquoise pommel)
- Anatina Imperatora (one-handed sword with duck pommel)
- Battanian Short Sword (one-handed sword with hat pommel. Very quick but very low swing damage)
- Two-Handed Duck Saber (two-handed sword with duck pommel)
- Engraved Scimitar (one-handed sword with decorative copper pommel)
- Cobra Scimitar(one-handed sword with cobra pommel)
- Cat Paw Spatha (one-handed sword with cat paw pommel)
- Morning Star (one-handed mace)
- Iron Maul (two-handed mace)
- Two-Handed Morningstar (two-handed mace)
- War Hammer (two-handed mace)
- Buttering Ram (two-handed mace)
- Jewelled Cobra Sabre (two-handed sword with cobra pommel)
- Heart of Turquoise (Two-handed sword with etched turquoise pommel)
- Four-Pointed Spear (One-handed polearm. Pierce damage only)
- Al Barada (Two-handed sword with azulejo grip)
- Adamastor (One-handed sword with azulejo grip and shell pommel)

Special Credits:

- Taleworlds for an amazing game and the modding tools that made this possible.
- BannerLab for very good Bannerlord modding tutorials.
- Miloš Belanec for the base texture in the damascus kris blade.