Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Allows you to 'copy to clipboard' the player's equipment in <EquipmentRoster> XML format at the press of a button. Made for troop mod authors to quickly design and configure troop equipment.

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Inspired by the outdated Inventory XML Print.

Press Tilde (~) key while the inventory menu is open and the XML data will copied to clipboard. Press Ctrl+V in your XML text editor to paste. Output may look something like this (this particular output contains new items from mods):

  <equipment slot="Item0" id="Item.vlandia_lance_3_t5" />
  <equipment slot="Item1" id="Item.reinforced_horsemans_kite_shield" />
  <equipment slot="Item2" id="Item.vlandia_2hsword_2_t5" />
  <equipment slot="Item3" id="Item.empire_noble_sword_2_t5" />
  <equipment slot="Head" id="Item.great_prankh_helm" />
  <equipment slot="Cape" id="Item.swadian_shoulders" />
  <equipment slot="Body" id="Item.swadian_plate_armor" />
  <equipment slot="Gloves" id="Item.mail_mitten" />
  <equipment slot="Leg" id="Item.plate_boots" />
<equipment slot="Horse" id="Item.noble_horse" />
<equipment slot="HorseHarness" id="Item.chain_barding" />