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A combination of our previous gunpowder mods (Fire & Steel + Mount and Musket).

Currently supports the Empire, Vlandia, Aserai, and Battania.

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  • Mandarin
Very poor videos, but an example of what the mod is like:



Currently only supported on 1.5.8

Fire and Steel + Mount & Musket needed an update - however, 1.5.7 brought a lot of changes that made that difficult.
Furthermore, I've changed the core concept of fire & steel, which made no sense to begin with (C'mon... kar98k and lugers versus Romans with muskets?! My bad) and have stuck strictly to gunpowder weapons.

I won't lie, the primary focus is
Eagle Rising - and antiquity themed mod set in Calradia, but I wanted to provide something until the better and more thought-out firearms mods are released.

Most of the troop trees haven't been modified since long before mod tools were even available, so I apologize for how simple and boring some things may look.

The empire is probably the most "developed" faction, and they have alternate item starts if you want to start with fire arms.
I highly suggest as starting as the empire. I may have a fetish for the Empire. I'm sorry, but don't kink shame.

Don't expect realism, accuracy, or even too much thought in this. Just shoot things. You'll feel better.

Eventually, I may refine this to be more logical.. perhaps matchlock weapons for other factions while the empire uses flintlock (maybe not logical but hey, :) )

I will update and improve this, but at a much slower pace. Eagle rising is the focus, Calradia Awakens - Fantasy hasn't even been updated yet, you get it.

Guns, smoke, blood, atleast until something better comes.

CA - Blood and Smoke
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More info is better, but if at the very least this is not followed, your issue will be ignored.

Bannerlord Version:
Mod Version:
Reproduction Steps:
Additional Info:
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Load Order:
Followed Istallation Instruction:

  1. Upon download and unzip, you should have three modules: !CA_LoadAboveNative_Smoke, CA_BloodSmoke, and CalradiaAwakensItems.
  2. Drag these three modules to the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder
  3.  !CA_LoadAboveNative_Smoke should be loaded above native modules. This means, it needs to be higher up in the load order than the base Bannerlord modules.
  4. CalradiaAwakensItems can be loaded below the native modules.
  5. The CA_BloodSmoke module should be loaded below any other modules that affect factions or troops. 
  6. Enable the module(s), and enjoy. If installing manually without vortex, follow the step below.

You will need to perform this extra step:
  • Unblock DLL files
  1. DLL files will need to be unblocked if installing manually by going to the CalradiaAwakensItems\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client, right clicking the DLL file, go to properties and press Unblock. If it is not there, it is already unblocked.

Simple download, install, enable, and follow the load order.

  • Download new version (or update via vortex)
  • Unzip new version
  • Delete existing old  !CA_LoadAboveNative_Smoke, CA_BloodSmoke, and CalradiaAwakensItems folders
  • Move new !CA_LoadAboveNative_Smoke, CA_BloodSmoke, and CalradiaAwakensItems folders to your modules folder

Mods such as MCM, Harmony, ETC
*CA* Important - Load At Top Above Native - Smoke
Sandbox Core
Other Mods (if you're facing an issue, please remove these first)


  • Compatible with mods that do not alter the Empire, Vlandia, Battania, or Aseria Kingdoms / cultures.
  • Not compatible with Eagle Rising.
  • Not compatible with Realistic Battle Mod - Combat Module (It is compatible with the AI module)
  • Not compatible with mods that touch action_sets, action_types, or item_usages

  • Custom troops cannot be used in Custom Battle. If you want to do this, you need a seperate mod.
  • If you want to use the troops in Custom Battle - download Enhancted Battle Test. Do not report issues for this mod here.

#1 is our amazing community at the  Calradia Awakens Discord 
Our amazing donors
The Calradia Awakens Team
BenjiG91 / KingKilo - Me
Hangyu5 / yhyu13 - Our Caldia Awakens Team's coder, responsible for the aura + shotgun feature.

Jestle's Firearms
anoldretiredelephant / shooterperson11 - I am currently making use of a cannon firing sound he provided me! Make sure to check out his work, he is a multi-talented modder.
Lyon  - Assets are no longer used, but was instrumental to creating the initial assets we used for fire and steel, and has my greatest thanks!
ADamnSexyName's Swadian Vaegir Armouries, everyone should know this already, but this man is a god!
Implemented a bunch of variants of GulagEnabler's amazing Pfrondorf Masked Helm for the empire, make sure to check out their upcoming mod Burning Empires

Free Assets were modified and used:

1855 Springfield rifle musket - game asset by Andy woodhead is licensed under 
Creative Commons Attribution
Flintlock pistol by Cyril43 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution