Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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More unit variety for the Empire by adding 3 new unit trees to the Imperial borderland regions.

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Got bored of the same troops fighting for the three Empire factions? This mod adds three new, additional unit trees to some parts of the Empire that enhance regional variation and add more depth to the Empire factions. The mod doesn't affect vanilla game balance or story lore, it is a nice little extra that allows these new troops to be recruited from villages in the Imperial borderlands, making them blend with neighbouring regional cultures to represent the all-absorbing melting pot the Empire of Calradia probably was.

In parts of the Western Empire bordering Battania, Western Auxilia are recruitable. These are native Battanians that have joined the Imperial armies as legionaries, either through forced recruitment or lured by the prospect of the spoils of war. They are armed with swords, shields and pila and serve as melee line infantry.

Troop Tree:
Imperial Western Conscript → Imperial Western Vigil → Imperial Western Auxilia → Imperial Limitaneus → Imperial Veteran Limitaneus

Recruitable in the following villages:
Gamardan, Goleryn, Veron, Montos, Primessos, Hertogea, Nideon, Leblenion

In the Empire's East, Eastern Auxilia can be found, recruited from the vast steppes of the Khuzait borderlands. Conscripted to protect their native homelands against invading mounted hordes, they have specialised as versatile light skirmishers, with a sword for melee and also a spear to fence off attacking horsemen.

Troop Tree:
Imperial Eastern Conscript → Imperial Eastern Skirmisher → Imperial Eastern Auxilia → Imperial Akrites → Imperial Veteran Akrites

Recruitable in the following villages:
Metachia, Corenia, Epinosa, Avasinton, Syratos, Tememos, Eunalica, Vargornis

In the North, Sturgians are recruitable into the Imperial armies as Northern Mercenaries. Despite being equipped by the Empire's armories, they still retain their traditional styles of warfare with axes and shields. The veterans among them carry large two-handed axes and can serve as excellent shock troopers to break enemy lines, even though the Emperors also have a preference to keep them as personal bodyguards.

Troop Tree:
Imperial Northern Hireling → Imperial Northern Mercenary → Imperial Northern Guardsman → Imperial Varangos → Imperial Veteran Varangos

Recruitable in the following villages:
Agalmon, Mecalovea, Nortanisa, Lochana, Hetania, Atrion, Vealos, Melion, Varagos