Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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You get a banner...and you get a banner...everybody gets a banner!

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~Edit: 23/2/21 
Renamed the "mod" page to something more generic so all my banner presets can sit in one place.

Your mileage may vary depending on what mods you had installed before applying this.

I don't support or condone any kind of religious, political , racial or other kind of inferred, implied , insinuated or encoded  aspirations symbols on these flags might represent.
A flag is just a coloured rag until someone treats it as something more. This is a case where you shouldn't treat them as anything more than what they physically are.


Where are the other 4 flag designs for the Jolly Roger?
Look at the photos...and act accordingly :)

Why does a bunch of text require essentialy 3 mods?
So that i don't have to grab people who download this by the hand and guide them through the process of making this stick through out their game. If you know what you are doing, you can skip all 3 "essential" mods, just grab the banner codes and do what you need to do with them.

BannerPaste: will allow you to put the banner in the game.
Banner Color Persistence: will allow you to hold on to the custom banner without issues whilst joining kingdoms
TBP will allow you to have more options when customising the banner colours ..and its 100% safe to use. <--- just as long as other mods don't edit the same files.

I don't like XYZ element of the banner, can you please change it? 
Paste the banner code i provided and hit Enter.
Edit that ugly XYZ out of there..

This broke my game, what are you going to do about it?
BP & BCP are used by so many without issues...and i have tested TBP on a clean 1.5.7 installation (Only BetterExceptionWindow, BP & BCP running) 
So please check if something else is breaking your game before asking me to troubleshoot it for you. Chances are i won't be able to do much anyway.

Your version of XYZ flag is an insult to my country/heritage, what are you going to do about it?
If your issue with my work is within reason then i will amend or remove it...That does not mean that i have given up on the right to refuse your request as my banners are not supposed to be 100% accurate to their real counterparts but inspired from them and any depiction of political/religious/ideological symbols that may be present is done so without the intent to promote or support them.

Trust me when I say that I never discriminate and try my best to hate everyone equally. :)

Why did you choose these designs and not XYZ flag/banner?
I play a modified version of Shattered World Kingdoms and most of these banners i am already using in my game. I might eventually release a POC preset for SWK with all my work (I've changed pretty much every banner in the game)..but i would like to move the Northern Empire where my completely made up assignment of Germany/Austria is first..and that means editing SWK files which is something i'd rather do later rather than sooner.

Version history: See changelog

 About : "fridge magnet banners"   
These are placeholders of mine used as a way to indicate what "history of region/tribe/empire/kingdom" i should be googling when i get to work on a banner...(and still do..given their numbers). 

In this pack some clans are represented by countries while others by linguistic or other kind of minorities, regional flags, or whatever i could find at the time to use that would signal to me the clans "identity".. that might include de facto states, religious states etc. The sole reason for this is i ran out of UN recognized countries to use.

They are low res...expect all text to be a scribble, lots of detail to be missing...and any complex designs to be artistically butchered.
Set the bar low and you will be pleasantly surprised, set it high and you will be greatly disappointed

In order to minimize the drama i decided to split this into 2 parts 

A: Flags of 80+ countries fully recognized by the UN
B: Disputed territories, De facto states, regional flags and other bits and bobs.

A jolly roger themed set for "Bear My Banner" 's formation presets <----not really a priority but it will get done since i want it for myself. xD

(this will save any players that are using this as their own banner from having to modify it )