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Based off of the Total War game series feature with the same name. Regiment Of Renown are elite versions of the troops in your troop tree but with better stats and can have their gear modified.

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Follow the pictures in order as I explain how this works.  I would recommend opening pictures in separate tab

--picture 1--
To create a regiment of renown you need 500 renown, it is grayed out for me since I only had 352 renown on that campaign

--picture 2--
Notice how before creating the regiment of renown my troop tree is normal for 1.5.7

--picture 3--
in the mod menu I change certain values.  I drop the renown cost just to continue for demonstration purposes.  You can raise or lower these values depending on if you think the mod balance is too easy or too hard

--picture 4--
When creating a regiment of renown I can choose from any end of the line units (no upgrades left) from both by normal tree and my elite tree of my character's culture.  Units like militia and caravan are not part of either tree and therefore no included.

--picture 5--
confirmation screen after I pick Darkhan

--picture 6--
I can pick from 1 of the 8 combat related skills for this unit to specialize in.  The unit will have 33% higher stats in that skill than the units its based off of and 15% stats in all other skill than the original unit.  Beside the stat changes, the new unit is 5 levels and 1 tier higher than the original unit

--picture 7--
2 new options appear once I created a Regiment Of Renown
I can edit the gear of my new elite Darkhan Unit or rename
By the default the gear of the unit is exactly the same as the old unit and the name is the player's name follower by the original troops name.
500 renown is deducted from my clan or however much you set the value to in the mod menu.

--picture 8--
When I click upgrade.  I can chose which of mine Regiment Of Renown I want to upgrade.  In this example I only have 1 since I only made 1

--picture 9--
I am shown the gear the unit currently has.  It is the same as the original unit.  I can click on a slot that I want to change.  I choose the empty 4th weapon slot
100 renown is deducted or however much you set the value to in the mod menu.
There is no limit to the number of slot you can edit on a unit, but the 100 renown upgrade cost is paid every time

--picture 10--
I am shown a list of all the items I can put in that slot.  The list is in alphabetical order.  I choose to give the unit some javelins.
Items added by other mods should be here too.

--picture 11--
When I click on the rename option I can choose which unit I want to rename.  This is mainly here for role-play reason

--picture 12-- 
I can enter the new name for my unit here

--picture 13--
notice how my new elite unit got upgraded to the unit tree
notice how the original darkhan does not have a javelin 
also look the the stats of the new unit 33% extra to one handed since that what I chose earlier and 15% to all other stats

--picture 14--
notice how my Regiment Of Renown has the new name I gave it
notice how my Regiment Of Renown has the javelin in the 4th weapon slot that I gave it

--other information--
The Regiment Of Renown are specific to each campaign 
Although you do need to restart the game before loading or starting a different campaign or it will cause issues

This will not work with custom mod culture, although there is a simple work around if you edit the xml file in the moduleData folder.  Just a bunch of copy paste and replacing the old culture name with the name of your mod culture

It will also crash if you create more than 10 unit of renown for 1 culture.  This is not possible in the base game however mods that add big trees might do this.  Again there is a simple work around by editing the xml file.