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Fixes TantanTournament to make it run on version 1.5.6

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Update 15.02.21:

Rebuilt the mod for 1.5.8 beta. Tested on the current 1.5.8 version and it seems to work.

Update 12.02.21:

I removed the Leaderboard option from the settlement screen since it's not funtional and not essential for the gameplay. It's just a statistical screen. It may be readded later, if I find time to make it work.

Update 10.02.21:

I've rebuild the mod for 1.5.7, I've tested it on 1.5.7 and it seems to work.

Since TantanTournament is one of my preferred mods and it doesn't work with a version of the game > 1.5.5 I spent half a day to make it work with 1.5.6.

I've made some other changes to Tantan code:

1. Originally, non culture items are removed from the prize list. Since some item categories like bows and horse armor are almost always non culture, I removed that restriction.
2. Like in Floris, Tantan's code provides that the first 3 placed, if player or companion, get a prize. Oddily this doesn't happen in the original version because of a if clause which, in my opinion, doesn't make sense and I suppose is not intentional. So, I changed it so that now the first 3 placed, if player or companion, get a prize. The player you can choose it from the list, otherwise a random item is put into your inventory.

Once again, many thanks to Tantan for his amazing mod. I hope he doesn't abandon it.

The mod requires MCM 4.

just unzip the file and put the contents into Bannerlord's module folder