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About this mod

Makes Tournaments Awesome

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean

Currently functionality:

  • Reroll of Tournament Prize - kind of cheaty at the moment.  Can disable in the options.  Is still governed by the existing rules of what prizes are eligible.
  • Selection of Prize - Instead of Rerolling the prize, you get a popup of 3 prizes to choose from.  Also still governed by the existing rules of what items are eligible.
  • Adjusting of Arena and Tournament XP - the original goal of the mod, enable the ability to gain xp in arena and tournament fights.  The official versions have this now, so this simply let's you adjust the amount you gain.  Officially by default it's 33% in tournaments and 6% in Arena fights.  You can adjust this to your liking.
  • Max Bet Amounts - change the max ratio and/or the max bet amount.  Default is 4 / 150.
  • Bonus Reputation to Lords and notables in the Town, and owning clan upon winning a tournament.
  • MCM Option Screen - implemented the options using MCM.. 
  • Gold Cost for Reroll - makes rerolls cost gold to 'bribe' the official
  • Interest per Reroll - makes subsequent rerolls increase in cost
  • Set Tournament Days - Default is 15, can change from 1 to 30
  • Set Base Tournament Max Prize amount - default is 5000, can set from 1600 to 20000.
  • Set Increase in Max Prize amount per character level - default is 0
  • Party Moral Boost upon win - default is 0
  • Widened Item Pool - can now win all weapon types, mounts, and barding
  • Achievements in the Tournament - win renown and gold by doing extra well in a match
  • Trait Gains - Earn valor and calculating traits by doing well in a match
  • Leaderboard Decay - You can have the leaderboard scores decay over time.
  • Alternate Odds System - Calculate your odds based on skill points instead of character levels
  • Arena Overhaul Compatible - Will detect if AO is installed and if so, it will disable portions of TXP that conflict with AO.  These are primarily features that AO also has.
  • All features can be enabled/disabled by the player in the MCM menu.
If a feature is disabled the associated harmony patch does not run, leaving the game completely untouched.

Primary Goals
Make tournaments more exciting with new options, more rewarding with various prize options, and more customizable so you can get the tournament experience you desire.  To that end, I plan to expose to the user a variety of options so let them dial in their desired play-style/results.  By default, I will try to set the settings to something I believe is fair/balance and close to the original intent of the game designers.

Design Goals
I will try to give you full control over all the options that I create so that you can choose how you want to play. I will not restrict options or try to simplify options. If options need more documentation please ask. I'm always open to ways to improve the in-game tooltips for options and the organization of the option screen to be as clear as possible.

Tournament Prize Features:

*Allows player to re-roll the tournament prize before entering the tournament.
*Allows the player to pick desired item from a pool of available items before tournament.
*Allows user to define a custom set of Tournament Prizes to win from.
*Allows Tournament to pull Inventory from the local Town for tournament prizes.
*Allows Filtering of Prizes of all sources (vanilla list, custom list, and town) based on value of the item.  You can set a min / max value of items.
*Level scaled prize value. Instead of a hard-limit of items between a certain value, this will start growing the value range as you level up, allowing for a progressive set of better items.

Alternate Odds System
The vanillia game odds are based on your level + 30, plus leaderboard ranking compared to the other opponents.
The alternate system is based on your combat skills + hp + handicap + ranking  vs opponents combat skills and hp and rankings.
To encourage a handicap, you can increase the base value of the prize item
based on handicap.  Larger the handicap, more valuable the prize, but
lowers your betting odds.

* Random Tournament Type - Instead of creating only standard melee types during new tournament spawn it will switch between standard melee and 1v1/ffa. The 1v1/ffa can also now switch between mixed mode (1v1 and group ffa, and 1v1 only).

*Reputation gain with local heroes and notables in the settlement and surrounding villages.

Drop it into your Modules folder.  Or use Vortex. Use the launcher to enable it. 

You may have to unblock the dll.

My Mods:
Tournament XP Enabler

Additional Credits
BannerTweaks/ModLib code for Loading/Saving config files
CommunityPatch for better Patch management system
@Malafein - For the file Unblocker bat file - Link to his full utility: ModuleUnblocker