Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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A total of 156+ Armor equipment.A huuuuge file.

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You guys are gonna make me cry.  Thank you! Thank you! You are all breath taking.

This is just the beginning of my helmet creation. I'm trying to gather help with making it. Also, I'm quite terrible when it come to making helmet, so if you see some weird glitches like mask suddenly flying for a split second. It just mean I'm still an amateur.  I'm still an amateur.  I cannot believe how far I gotten with this thing. Still an amateur though. So I hope you don't have high hope for me with bashing armors together.

This mod is completely functional, so if you likie, come downloadie....except for the physic part.

Update: 2.0 is now release. I have learn the ability of diffusion which allow armors the use of team color. With 85 Armors, I am still expanding for more. Whether it for body, arm, or cape. I'mma make as many as possible. Mostly because I want to create unique troops for either my Calradia Girls, Eastern Forces Rising, or Calradia Forces Rising. Now if only I know how to make use of physic to make it look right.

Update: 2.2 is now release. It is over 95+ armors, and I made various fixes to numerous previous armors. Mostly the helmets since that how I got my start.

Update: 2.3 is now release. It is easily over 100+ armor, and I made various fixes to numerous previous armor that doesn't load it graphic correctly.....hopefully. Physic is still an issue for body armor and cape armor since I have no way of dealing with it. I'mma stop making new armor mods now since I have made waaaaaaay too many, and I do not wanna make more just to end up fixing them later when Taleworld finally release a mod kit to fix the physic.

Update: 2.5: Made a lot of new armors this weekend. A total of 130+ Armor has now been release. I know I said I planning to not make any new armor......I lie. I couldn't help myself.

Update 2.6: Think I made too many. A total of 150+ armors now. Fixes some other armors to make them look a lil bit better. Now I can focus on other mods like my troop mods.