Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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A simple mod that adds colored icons to the UI of the main map, including the speed icons, party information (daily wage, food, party speed, etc.), settlement information (prosperity, militia, food, etc.), and menu tabs (character, party, clan, etc.). I am not an artist, this was mostly done as a test for total conversion mods, so dont expect much

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Done by exporting ui_group1_1 and ui_group1_2 from the native module using Tpactool, then edited in GIMP by adding color to the preexisting icons on both UI atlas's, after that, it was imported back into a custom module with the "don't degrade" and "don't delay loading" flags ticked.
Super simple process to do, I would encourage anyone with any artistic skill to take a look at modifying/replacing the UI of the game in this manner. I'm leaving the AssetSources in, so feel free to take either atlas from it if you want, to add more to it or whatever. 

I am bad at 2D art, so the work I did here is not very good, however, I hope this encourages some people who are good at this sort of thing to take a crack at it, since it really isn't that difficult.

Mod is for 1.5.5, 1.5.6, 1.5.7, and beta 1.5.8, make sure you download the correct version, it will break your UI otherwise