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Additional heroes in parties will command the right and left flank of the party giving additional party limit

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I used to make my army out of clan parties to use 0 influence, but the parties would always do some stupid stuff like
- donate all their troops to allied garrison
- take 1000 prisoners and slow you down
- recruit and upgrade a bunch of terrible troop
- when defeating an enemy with prisoners they would recruit every single prisoner even if they were crap and put them over the unit cap and then the actual good units in their parties would start deserting
- not buy horse and be very slow

Flank commanders are assigned automatically to the two heroes in the party besides the leader that can command the most troop.  If you only had 1 or 0 heroes in party then you would only get 1 or 0 flank commanders respectively.  The flank commander's troop bonus is the same as the number of troops they can command if they were leading their own parties.  Will apply to parties other than the players party if you use a mod that gets AI to put multiple heroes into parties 
For example if you used 
Transfer Companions at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Nexus - Mods and community
to put extra heroes in other clan parties, they would benefit from flank commanders as well.