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Adds a couple of unique weapons to the game.

The weapons can either be crafted or won at tournaments.

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Hardly anything is known about the Chael Nad'ra. One thing that is known however is their exquisite craftsmanship, especially when it comes to their more exotic weapons. Normally they don't share them with outsiders. They are handed down from generation to generation and taken care of in sacred rituals and some say... magic. That is of course nonsense! Magic does not exist! But no one can deny that the Chael Nad'ren weapons are... something else. They are lighter, sharper and definitely more deadly, as anyone who ended up on the wrong end of them - for whatever foolish reason - will agree. If they are still alive that is.

- Aradiel the Traveler


AEW on Discord
(same as ATC/ACTI/CN)

The mod adds a couple of different weapons with their own meshes to the game.

ATTENTION: Deinstallation/Deactivation of the mod (or any item mod for that matter) during an ongoing campaign will crash your savegame on load, guaranteed! Only remove item mods betwen campaigns when you intent to start a new game with a different mod list.

  • Fixes for folder changes

  • Recompiled for bannerlord 1.9.0 beta.
  • Moved AEW.settings.xml and AEW.debug.log to \ProgramData\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\AEW for better compatibility between Nexus and Steam releases.

  • Recompiled for bannerlord 1.5.8, no content changes

  • NEW: Added some coding to inject the weapons into the lootpool of tournaments (the spawn chance can be configured or be disabled completely)
  • Added an ingame message to inform the player in which town a tournament is held with an AEW weapon as prize (can be disabled)
  • Updated the texture of the Wildwood Warblade to match the render

  • NEW: 2 x Knife/Shortsword models.
  • All textures redone and refined.
  • Added ACTI combatibility.

Where to find/How to spawn?
The easiest way is to win them at tournaments. 2.0.1 introduces the weapons to the lootpool of tournaments as well as a new ingame message showing in which town a tournament is held with an AEW weapon as prize. The spawn chance and the message display can both be configured or disabled completely in the new AEW.settings.xml in the /Config subfolder (or \ProgramData\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\AEW from version 2.2.0 onwards).

The weapon's culture is set to "battania" so they might up in Battanian settlements eventually, I haven't fully understood how the trade system works. Honestly, if you're not of the patient type, or just want to check the weapons out real quick, I recommend you to enable the game's cheat mode to add the weapons directly to your inventory. Just google "Bannerlord cheat mode" and you will quickly find a tutorial on how to enable the cheat mode.

There are pieces missing!
No. Some weapons - like the swords and the glaive - have no separate guards or pommel pieces because it would just mess up the model. For that reason I added invisible guard and pommel pieces. That is NO BUG.

Just use Vortex OR Extract the contents of the 7z folder to your Bannerlord/Modules folder and enable the mod in the Bannerlord Launcher. The mod order is irrelevant as there are no dependencies with other mods.

Just delete the folder "AEW - Adonnays Exotic Weaponry" from your Bannerlord/Modules folder or use Vortex to deinstall/delete/deactivate.