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Its pretty much the confederate feature in Total War Warhammer, which is also where I got the idea.
Lets you absorb a clan with all their armies, settlement and heroes if conditions are met

Permissions and credits
Tested on 1.5.6 but might work on earlier versions as well (please let me know cuz i cba reverting my game)

Most requirements should be toggleable in mod menu in mod version and higher

For the annex option to show up all of the following conditions must be met
- must be talking to clan leader
- their clan leader isn't a kingdom leader
- their clan leader must have same culture as player hero's clan
- their clan must not be a minor faction
- must be in the same kingdom as their clan or their clan is not in any kingdom

To get to the barter interface you need all of the following otherwise they will say no
- relations with their clan 90 or higher
- must be related to their clan by blood or marriage
you can use my other mod to arrange marriages for your family member with them if your player hero already married
Arrange Marriage For Family at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Nexus - Mods and community
- player clan must have more renown than their clan

On bartering screen you the cost of annexing them is
PerkDiscount * (renown_cost + settlement_cost + hero_cost)
PerkDiscount is 0.85 if the player character has the Diplomacy Perk (charm 25), otherwise its 1.0
renown_cost is 100 * their clan's renown
hero_cost is 10,000 * number of heroes in their clan + 1,000 * sum of their hero (total not skill) levels
settlement_cost is the value of their settlement using base game settlement value calculations

Upon annexing their clan you get
-all their heroes
-all their war parties (all troops included)
-all their settlements (garrison included)
-additional 4 war party cap per clan annexed (disabled if the clan party patch from bannerlord tweaks is enabled but you can just set the party cap to a stupid high number with bannerlord tweaks anyways)