Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Tired of waiting for waiting for "armor does something" to update? I was so I made this mod. Changes the calculation behind how armor works to make it more effective against cutting and piercing damage and particulary against many small hits like arrows.

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I got tired of waiting for "armour does something" to update, made my own mod. Unlike ADS that changed armour values this mod instead changes  the formula for armour damage reduction. It now first takes into account your flat armour value before modifing the remaining damage procentually (this is to make big two handers way more dangerous than a thousand looters swiping cicles at you). See the mod images for the new, and old, formula. In practice roughly 75% of cutting damage will be stopped by high tier armour and 50% of piercing damage.  Bluntdamage is relatively unchanged but now in it's rightful niche of being anti armour.
By the way due to the difference in structure between this and ADS there should be nothing stopping them from being compatible with each other, so run both if you really want to stick it to the archer menance.

Current files is a harmony version, thanks to tharebel58, that should be compatible with all versions of the, and should remain so unless Taleworlds goes around renaming core functions and methods. Knowing myself that renaming stuff that gets referenced in multiple places (and not directly seen by the end user) is just a giant hassle and never worth it, I'm willing to hedge my bets that arMORE will remain work with future versions of the game.

Compatability: Should be compatible with everything that doesnt change Taleworlds.Core.dll, so stuff that adds new armours and weapons will work nicely, as no armour values are changed by this mod it also means that the relative balance of any modded items will be the same as it was in vanilla. As in if you download a mod that has some super armour that is twice as good as laminar plate in vanilla, it will still be exactly twice as good but in a system where armour is actually good and worthwhile.

todo list for future versions: nothing.