Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Keep track of your player and clan members' stats from battles.

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This mod saves your player, clan members and troop types' (infantry, ranged, cavalry, horse archers) stats from battles fought together. 

The stats saved for clan members are total Kills, Personal Record for the most kills in a single battle,  average Kills per Battle (K/B),  times Wounded, and total Battles fought. 
The stats saved for your troops are total Kills, PR for most kills by formation in a single battle, K/B, Wounded troops per Battle (W/B), Casualties per Battle (C/B), total Friendly Kills, and total Battles. 

Stats are only recorded in battles fought/auto resolved that include the main player but clan members can be in separate parties. Army stats are also from all of your clan parties' troop types that fought in the battle. Once the Victory/Defeat text appears stats stop recording for any remaining routing troops.  If a Hero leaves the clan or dies their records are removed on the next save.

Press the ; 'Semicolon' key to view the Battle Stats window.
Hold 'Ctrl + Semicolon' to reset/delete your stats.

Edit the config file to change the hotkey using Inputkeys from
For some languages the text may flow off the window, if that happens to you edit the ChangeTextFormat value to True.

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