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Tired of lengthy campaign setup? QuickStart can start a new game in 1 click, or you may configure which menus to show. Perfect tool for any type of power user, tester, or modder that just needs to start a new campaign-- not click their way through yet another backstory and tutorial.

Permissions and credits
By default, QuickStart will take you from pressing 'New Campaign' in the main menu straight on to the map of a new campaign, conveniently positioned at a settlement's gates -- and it'll skip the TaleWorlds intro video / logo sequence to boot.

If you configure QuickStart with MCM / Mod Configuration Menu (an optional dependency-- will be used if it's enabled), you may configure QuickStart to still allow manual control over certain parts of Character Creation and similar setup steps (e.g., setting your clan name) while still automating the rest. You also gain access to very powerful custom campaign setup options.


  • Can completely automate jumping into a new campaign while not short-circuiting anything to get there
  • Can allow manual control over culture selection
  • Can allow manual control over face/body customization
  • Can allow manual usage of the "generic backstory menus," which some mods might use to add extra startup options
  • Disables the tedious intro video / logo sequence, but you can re-enable it
  • Completely skips the tutorial in every way
  • Offers the option to start with a preexisting clan's fiefs
  • Offers the option to start as either a vassal or the sovereign monarch of any preexisting kingdom
  • Offers a streamlined Name / Clan Name / Banner setting process if you like
  • Starts the player character at the convenient gates of a relevant town
  • All main storyline quests can still be completed normally


The campaign setup automation process simulates actually going through the various stages, menus, and interactions of campaign setup -- though it hides the fact -- rather than skipping any steps or pretending it knows about your mods' potential changes to campaign setup. Further, it is minimally invasive; it's not a web of Harmony patches. Finally, it was written with total overhaul modding in mind, and so it can work with custom cultures, factions, and maps. This means it's compatible (and great for testing) in general.


As mentioned, if you want to configure QuickStart to do something other than somersault you directly on to the map, you'll need MCM too, but it's optional.

Support libraries that are absolutely required to run QuickStart:
  • Harmony -- self-explanatory (chuckle)
  • ButterLib -- same support library that MCM uses; if you have MCM, you already have ButterLib, and otherwise you must install ButterLib.


Many of the things we do in manual character creation can be done by a properly-configured QuickStart as well, but there are also some things that QuickStart simply skips outright (such as showing you Campaign Options), because you can do them without any other mods through the normal in-game interfaces, if it actually matters in your case.

In the future, I'd like to add better custom "main culture" support (currently requires the custom-culture mod to have already made those cultures selectable in Character Creation in order to select such a culture, a stage which may not yet have been reached in development). I'll also be adding a number of further campaign setup / scenario options (though my focus is upon making it easy to test mods, so RP-oriented scenarios like starting as a looter are not in the cards).

Ask me for your desired extension, and there's a decent likelihood you'll get it.

Final Bits

If you appreciate QuickStart, then please do remember to endorse it! Additionally, you might be interested in my other mods:

  • Pacemaker, which allows fine-grained control over the campaign timescale.
  • Houses of Calradia, which solves AI marriage and prevents AI clan extinction. A must-have for Pacemaker users.
  • Noble Titles, which adds 4 ranks of gender- and culture-specific titles to rulers and their vassals -- a big bang for your immersion buck.

I am also a member of the BUTR (Bannerlord Unofficial Tools & Resources) Team, and I work primarily on ButterLib and related services within our team's swathe of significant offerings for modders and the community.

As with all of my projects, quality contributions and collaboration are very welcome, but even if you just want to browse the source code for QuickStart, you may do so via its GitHub repository: