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Extends the native launcher.
Adds support for community used metadata that fixes sorting issues with mod load order! It will sort correctly Harmony, UIExtender, ButterLib and MCM.
Also automatically unblocks .dll files if enabled.

Permissions and credits
Sources available at GitHub!

BUTRLoader consists of two modules - BUTRLoader itself and LauncherEx.

BUTRLoader expands the game launch with the following features:
  • Interceptor - BUTRLoader checks if the is a class with a custom attribute named BUTRLoaderInterceptorAttribute. If it's found it checks if there are the following signatures:
    • void OnInitializeSubModulesPrefix() - will execute just before the game starts to initialize the SubModules. This gives us the ability to add SubModules declared in other programming languages like Python and Lua
    • void OnLoadSubModulesPostfix() - will execute just after all SubModules were initialized
  • LoadReferencesOnLoad - gives the ability to add <Tag key="LoadReferencesOnLoad" value="false" /> that will disable explicit dependency load. Will be useful after switch to .NET Core runtime.

LauncherEx is the UI module. It expands the native launcher with the following features:
  • Option Screen - provides various options that will be listed below.
  • Extended Sorting - the launcher now respects the community metadata when sorting. Available in Options. Enabled by default.
  • Scrollbar - the launcher before e1.7.2 didn't had a way to scroll without the mouse wheel. We added a scrollbar to fix this.
  • Enable/Disable All Mods Checkbox - added the ability to enable and disable all mods with one click.
  • Expanded Dependencies Hint - added our community metadata to be displayed in the Hints added in e1.7.0.
  • Issue Hint System - the launcher displays an arrow that when expanded, will display why a mod can't be enabled. The issue can be a wrong dependency module version, binary incompatibility with the current game version
  • Compact Module List - allows a more compact display of the Module List. Available in Options. Disabled by default.
  • Fix Common Issues - the launcher checks if 0Harmony.dll is present in the main /bin folder. If there is one, will prompt the user whether t delete it.
  • File Unblocking - the launcher will unblock the .dll's if they are locked itself. Available in Options. Enabled by default.
  • Reset Module List - will forcefully reset the module list and force the raw loaded list to be sorted. Available in Options. Will be disabled after restart.
  • Binary Compatibility Check - the launcher will check whether the are ABI issues in the module with the current game version. ABI issues mean the module won't work in the game and will need a new updated version.
  • Import/Export Mod List - provides a way to export and import Mod Lists with the correct load order and module versions. If a module version is incorrect, with highlight that.

Download the file and extract it's contents into the game's root folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord).

Unblocking DLL's
You may need to right click on Bannerlord.BUTRLoader.dll  file, click Properties, and click Unblock if you extracted the zip file with Windows Explorer or other programs that try to secure extracted files.

For Modders
BUTRLoader adds support for a new tag DependedModuleMetadatas that allows you to better define your load order, see the example below
  <!-- order: [ "LoadBeforeThis", "LoadAfterThis" ] -->
  <!-- optional: [ "true", "false" ] -->
  <!-- version: [ "e1.0.0.0", "e1.*", "e1.0.*", "e1.0.0.*" ] -->
  <!-- incompatible: [ "true", "false" ] -->

  <DependedModuleMetadata id="Bannerlord.Harmony" order="LoadBeforeThis" />

  <DependedModuleMetadata id="Native" order="LoadAfterThis" version="e1.4.3.*" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="SandBoxCore" order="LoadAfterThis" version="e1.5.*" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="Sandbox" order="LoadAfterThis" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="StoryMode" order="LoadAfterThis" version="e1.*" optional="true" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="CustomBattle" order="LoadAfterThis" optional="true" />

  <DependedModuleMetadata id="MyCustomMod" incompatible="true" />