Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Extends the native launcher.
Adds support for community used metadata that fixes sorting issues with mod load order! It will sort correctly Harmony, UIExtender, ButterLib and MCM.
Also automatically unblocks .dll files if enabled.

Permissions and credits
Sources available at GitHub!

Download the file and extract it's contents into the game's root folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord).

Unblocking DLL's
You may need to right click on Bannerlord.BUTRLoader.dll  file, click Properties, and click Unblock if you extracted the zip file with Windows Explorer or other programs that try to secure extracted files.

For Modders
BUTRLoader adds support for a new tag DependedModuleMetadatas that allows you to better define your load order, see the example below
  <!-- order: [ "LoadBeforeThis", "LoadAfterThis" ] -->
  <!-- optional: [ "true", "false" ] -->
  <!-- version: [ "e1.0.0.0", "e1.*", "e1.0.*", "e1.0.0.*" ] -->
  <!-- incompatible: [ "true", "false" ] -->

  <DependedModuleMetadata id="Bannerlord.Harmony" order="LoadBeforeThis" />

  <DependedModuleMetadata id="Native" order="LoadAfterThis" version="e1.4.3.*" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="SandBoxCore" order="LoadAfterThis" version="e1.5.*" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="Sandbox" order="LoadAfterThis" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="StoryMode" order="LoadAfterThis" version="e1.*" optional="true" />
  <DependedModuleMetadata id="CustomBattle" order="LoadAfterThis" optional="true" />

  <DependedModuleMetadata id="MyCustomMod" incompatible="true" />