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Adds a horse breeding system

Requires Bannerlord 1.5.4+

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This Mod adds a horse breeding system to Bannerlord 1.5.4

Save game compatible

-Adds horse breeding to the game
-The option to breed horses is available at any village that produces horses
-Choose from the 6 faction breed of horse when breeding
-Breeding requires grain and the time taken depends on riding level
There is a chance that horses will appear in tournaments as a prize.
-Having higher riding level gives you chances to breed higher tier horses with every 50 levels unlocking the chance to receive the next tier
-Having the horse breeder perk from riding will slightly increase the chances of getting better tier horses
-Added a new tier 4 and tier 6 horse for each faction.  The tier 4 horse falls between the war horse and the noble horse in stats.  The tier 6 horse has slightly better stats the noble horse of each faction
-Higher tier horses not only have better stats, but are now larger in size than lower tier horses, so now you can charge into your enemies on a truly terrifying war mount. 

Many thanks to kz14365 for making this Mod possible by making the breeding system
he deserves credit for that

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Unpack into Modules folder
Activate inside bannerlord launcher
Load before  REAL HORSES mod and horse prices / armor stats