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Make Armour with the Smithing Skill

Permissions and credits
-Smithing Level Req: (Tier - 1) * 50
-Smithing Time: Tier^2 * material amount (Practical Smith perk Halves it)
-material amount: same as weight of item floored 
-material required: Corresponding iron/steel tier for the tier of equipment IE crude iron for tier 1, Fine Steel for tier 5
-Can only forge armors in settlement of corresponding culture; IE Vlandian armour in Vlandian towns only
-Horse armours can be crafted in any culture settlement as they do not have a culture property in XML
-Work with mod armours if they have a culture value attached IE Swabian Armour
-Crafting XP gained: item cost / 50
-limit to armours with chainmail or plate material type; no cloth or leather armours

use my other mod if you need to get a ton of materials
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