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Add more things to do in a settlement while waiting around for your troops to heal. These actions will effect the stats of the settlement (prosperity, loyalty, security, militia) as well as relation with the noteables of the settlement. You can gain some skill xp and money as well from these actions.

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  • Mandarin
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- This version was first build I got to compile on 1.5.8 and load a save without any crashes.  Haven't had time to test in my own campaign so there might be issues

- fixed mod dependencies in submodule.xml to match new version of MCM
- towns with more than 100 livestock of a certain type in market will slaughter all extra until only 100 are left.  Hides and meat from slaughtering is added to town market.  This is designed to deal with livestock slave estates crashing the sell price for livestock
- Horse slave estates will sell to market option on will now properly sell all types of horses to market instead of the bred labeled in primary production of village
- Slave Estates in hostile villages are destroyed.  5000 gold refunded if main hero has insurance plans or rapid development perk.

- add option to slave estates for them to automatically sell the goods they produce to the village they are in.  The goods will be added to the village stockpile and the amount of money made is the same as the village's buy price for that item.  The sell option is unique to each owned slave estate
-added a ruleship option to exempt towns you own from taxes.  Towns that don't pay taxes will gain an additional 10 prosperity per day and 5 loyalty per day.  This option can be toggled on and off without restriction

-villages over 1000 hearth and towns over 10000 prosperity now has corruption modifier to daily militia
- grants a 80% penalty to militia from hearth/prosperity to the portion exceeding 1000 hearth/ 10000 prosperity. IE 12000 prosperity town will get full daily militia from first 10000 prosperity and next 2000 prosperity has the 80% penalty applied
-mainly designed to balance large villages and town with hundreds and thousands of militia 
-can now place troops in slave estates as guards
-guards still get paid their daily wage and will be displayed in clan finances tooltip
-slave revolt can now occur at slave estates
- completely preventable if the strength of the slaves is less than 3 times the strength of the guards and village militia
- warning message when you deposit more slaves into a slave estate than the strength of guards and militia 
- daily strength check used in spawning slave revolt
- higher tier guards and slaves contribute more to strength
- higher tier slaves are less likely to die from being overworked to balance against them contribution more strength to revolt
- will spawn a 75-175 men stack from the slaves in your slave estate (so the composition of this army is the same as the slaves that were in the slave estates before), the stack size will be smaller if there are fewer than 75 slaves in the slave estate
- slave revolt party with be of the looter faction and therefore hostile to all major factions
- one of the slaves gets converted to a hero and becomes the leader of the party using having the same gear and stats as a randomly picked unit in the slave estate
- newly spawned stack will raid the village it spawned from
- kill the rebellious stack fast, since militia get killed from the raid, lowering the threshold for more rebel stacks to spawn on the next day.  Can snowball out of control if not dealt with.
- be careful of enemies raiding villages with slave estates as killed militia strength might give the slaves enough power to rebel
- slave rebellion is designed to balance slave estates by adding overhead cost in providing guards or build in strategic villages with a large amount of militia to allow for a lot slaves and minimize guard costs

- fixed error when calculating tool usage with slave estates
- toolmaker is now upgrade
- current no max level (technically its integer max value)
- each level increase base work rate by 50% 
- does not effect work rate of companions assistants
- each level's upgrade cost is more than previous level
- upgrade time 10 * hardwood cost in manhours, not taking into account engineer skill bonuses

- having the forced labour perk (steward 200) will allow you to put none bandit prisoners into your slave estates
- slave estates will have 3 upgradable building
- each building starts at tier 0 and can be upgraded to tier 3
- no bonuses will be provided at tier 0
- upgrade cost is 200 hardwood + 2000 manhours for tier 1, upgrade cost is 300 hardwood + 3000 manhours for tier 2, upgrade cost is 500 hardwood + 5000 manhours for tier 3
- each troop in you party will produce 1 manhour of work per hour while constructing upgrade buildings.  The is further modified by Engineering skill of main hero and companions in party
- each tier of the surgeon's house reduces daily slave death rate at the slave estate by 20% 
- each tier of the overseer's house grants a 20% chance to produce 2 units of good instead of 1 each time goods are produced
- each tier of the tool repair workshop reduced tool break chance by 20%

-Make sure you have updated Harmony, Butterlib, UIExtender, and Mod Configuration Menu to latest version before installing this mod version.  The older versions of those mod no longer work on 1.5.7 and will cause crash to desktop
-Simple updated where all function signatures have been updated to match 1.5.7 counterpart so there should be no more crash to desktop without exception window and method not found exceptions

- added dialog option to notables to ask them to support your clan.  Need at least 10 relationship and for them to not currently be supporting any clan or for them like you more than the clan they currently supporting for the option to show up.  They need a bribe paid in either cash (gold) or political kickbacks (influence) before they will agree.  The cost is scaled to their influence level (regular, influential, powerful), a 10% percentage bonus or penalty depending on if you have the same culture as them and a 15% discount if you have the diplomacy perk (charm 25).
-notables that support you can be asked to help overthrow ruler of their current settlement rulers if their settlement is occupied by by a faction of a different culture.  They will ask for another bribes before saying yes.  When a notable is supporting a rebellion they will add a daily negative loyalty modifier to the settlement they are in (or bound settlement for village notables) and a daily positive militia bonus for settlement.  The size of the modifier is determined by their level of power.  When conditions for revolt are meet there is a 25% chance it will trigger daily or you can talk with one of the notables supporting the revolt to start it off immediately.
-When a rebellion that you supported triggers you have the option to take control of the town, but the previous owners will declare war on you or you can let them revolt on their own in which case one of the notables supporting the rebellion will create his/her own clan and take control of the settlement. 
-Add option to arm separatist in low loyalty wrong culture settlements.  Give them weapons from your inventory to immediately decrease loyalty and increase militia.  Scaled to amount and tier of weapons donated.
-you can not support rebellions in your own faction 

-After winning the battle to siege a town or castle there should no be an option to loot the settlement or let it be
-When looting there is the option to sack or to raze the settlement
-Sacking leads to the settlement losing half its prosperity and 1 building level for each building
-Razing leads to the settlement losing all the prosperity and resets all building levels to the minimal level
-Amount of gold from looting is 50 * prosperity looted + 5 * sum of building cost of buildings destroyed
-Looted settlements will have a negative daily loyalty penalty if own by the players faction that will last for 5 years
-The Citizens in razed settlements can be either sold into slavery for money, butchered and made into a pyramid of skulls for renown or settled in one of your towns for prosperity
-Added a dialogue option for enemy lords hiding in your faction's settlement - "Guards seize him/her".  It drives me mad how in the base game lords of factions you are at war with would just be chilling in your keep and there is nothing you can do about.

-Mainly bug fixes and balance changes to remove exploits
-Added option to for tool maker workshop to automatically import hardwood and iron ore if you own slave estates producing hardwood and iron ore

-Added togglable options for automatic tool deliver from tool workshop to slave estate
-applied once a slave estate runs out of tools in its stockpile and there are tools in the inventory of your tool maker workshop
-cost of 5 gold per unit of tools delivered
-Added ability to settle veteran soldiers in villages you own
-located under ruler actions in villages
-cost 200 gold per soldier to buy the land to resettle then
-resettled veterans will stay in the village as their own separate party and defend the village if attacked
-resettled veterans will provide daily loyalty bonus to the bound settlement, the size of the loyalty bonus depends of the number and tier of the veterans settled and the prosperity of the town (less effective on high prosperity settlements)

-slave estates in livestock villages should now produce respective goods
-1 grain needed for hogs, 2 grain for sheep and 4 for cows
- will produce grain if not enough grain available for breeding livestock
-add option in town menu to reset main hero's home settlement to current town (if the option is not available at current town it means your home settlement is currently that town)
- heroes that escape from captivity will regroup at the home settlement of the clan leader
- note that heroes might wander to nearby towns to participate in tournament but escaped heroes should all be found near your home settlement instead of on the other side of the map (which tends to happen to me a lot in the base game)
- add an togglable option in mange slave estates to tell all your clan party leaders whether or not send their bandit prisoners to your slave estates or just hold on to them for ransom.
-slave estates in silver ore villages should now produce silver
-slave estates in horse villages will now produce horses depending 
-requires 5 grain in stockpile to breed a horse, if not not enough grain is available in stockpile then the unit of work will go towards producing a grain, so effectively it takes 6 units of work to produce a horse, unless you want to manually deposit grain into stockpile to speed it up 
-horse will be 30% mules, 35% sumpter horse, 25% horse, 10% warhorse
-horse and warhorse type will depend on culture of the village

-tool maker menu on towns where you own a smithy
-can assign companions as assistants
-companions with ironmaker and charcoal maker perks increase the efficiency of refining materials
-each companion added increases work rate of tool maker
-companion working at the tool maker will get smithing xp on a daily tick depending on how much work was done
-put ingots, iron ore, hardwood, charcoal and smeltable items into tool maker stockpile as inputs
-will prioritize converting iron into tools
-will refine lower tier ingots and iron ore to iron using charcoal when iron is not available
-will smelt down weapons in the stockpile using charcoal when no ingots of any type is available
-steel ingots of all 3 tiers might be in stockpile if higher tier weapons got smelted down.  They are not used but can be picked up from the stockpile
-will refine hardwood into charcoal when charcoal is not available

-mainly just bug fixes and changes to base game function calls that got removed in 1.5.6 that caused crashes when running old version on 1.5.6 beta

-slave estates have a 85% production penalty if no tools are in the stockpile
-View all option on slave estate now has a log showing daily production, slave deashes and tools used

-removed criminal and siege actions
-add action sell bandit prisoners as slaves at villages to gain relations with land owner notables and to increase hearth
-add action to return peasant party members/prisoners to villages of the same culture to gain relations with headmen notables and to increase hearth
-add ability to buy slave estates
-can only add bandit prisoners to them as labor force (dirty looters need to be punished)
-daily chance for prisoners to die (configurable in mod options)
-generates trade xp
-goods produces gets added to a separate stock pile that can be collected later
-produces the primary product of the villages with the exception of livestock and horse villages(not implemented yet and will produce grain)

-transfer settlement action and abandon settlement action added to castles
-can now make tools from iron while working in smithy workshop
-balancing fixes to make it easier for companions in your party gain xp and their skill levels now make a minor impact
-added a patch that remove the production cap for village (600 hearth in base game).  Villages can now produce enough food to support higher towns and castle prosperity if properly protected and developed.

-added kidnap noble as new criminal action

-added noble troop conscription action to ruler menu
-adds tier 2 noble troops to your party at the cost of town loyalty and prosperity
-added transfer settlement action to ruler menu; transfers your town to another clan in your faction
-added abandon settlement action to ruler menu; a newly spawned clan takes over your settlement

-added conscription action to ruler menu
-adds tier 1 troops to your party at the cost of town loyalty and prosperity

-ability to sponsor a tournament in a town; adds a tournament to a town at the cost of gold
-ability to bribe solider in besieged town to sabotage their siege weapons 

Added ruler actions to towns and villages you own
-only current actions right now is ability to spawn new notable in your settlement at the cost of influence
-they will spawn with a positive relation with you and start off as a supporter of your clan 

Added town drunks event for patrol town

ability to work in workshops to turn raw materials into finished trade goods

-bribe besiege city to open gate action
-rob notable in town action

-Gang battle from patrol action now has option to fight the bandits inside the town (in civilian clothes/limited party) or lure the out of the town where your entire army is waiting in full military attire.  Success chance for lure is dependent on scaling tactic level with 100% chance at 200 tactics
-Actions that give/decrease relations with  a notable will effect their power by the same amount
-Work as laborer option available at non livestock villages
-gains athletics xp, speed dependent on athletic level, quantity produced is dependent on party size, uses tools
-tool break rate used in producing good where every time a good is produce there is a chance that a tool breaks.  By default this value is 10% but is adjustable
-produced goods go into your inventory if your clan owns the settlement and goes into the village stockpile if the village is owned by someone else.  You will be paid per unit of good produced if the village you are working in is not owned by your clan.
-producing goods gives a very small power increase to all the notables in the village  

-building housing -> gain prosperity/health, engineering xp and relations with notable.  Requires Hardwood
-Train Militia -> progress bar will repeatedly fill and add a militia to the settlement every time it does.  Gains leadership xp
-Clear Land in Villages -> add hearth, give athletics xp, uses  tools
-hold festival -> uses food, gain charm relations and settlement loyalty
-patrol street -> gain security and leadership xp.  Might lead to battles with gangs. Gain relation with none gang leader notables and lose relations with gang leaders