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Allows the total level xp formula to be adjusted. Max Total Level Cap adjustable as well. Currently supports linear, quadratic and exponential models for level xp. Total Level can be use in the learning rate formula. All values confinable and induvial features can be toggled on and off in mod options menu.

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Only enable 1 of linear, quadratic or exponential at a time or else it won't work properly.  I recommend starting a new campaign if using this mod since depending on the formula you use, it might cause you to gain a ton of levels upon loading a save.

I left the skill leveling xp rates alone since I felt the default rate were pretty balanced to my liking although I can make them configurable as well if there is demand for that feature.

Big thanks to MMMZ for giving me the idea and giving me permission to use part of his code.  Link to his mod here: Leveling Rebalance at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Nexus - Mods and community

Haven't had much time to balance test different level formulas, but been trying to find a good leveling rate for my own campaigns.  Let me know what formulas work best for you.  I'm open to adding new features and suggestion, but I barely know how to code and only learned how to use C# and Microsoft Visual Studios about a week ago so don't expect too much from me.