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Allows you to completely reset your main hero/companions or just reallocating attributes/focus/percs.

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This mod requires Harmony! Harmony at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Nexus - Mods and community


This mod adds 4 new console commands:

To open the console press ALT + [the key above TAB].

"campaign.reset_companion [Name]"
>> resets the main hero or companion.
>> a reset character is at level 1, has 0 xp, attributes, skills etc. and has 18 unallocated attribute points and 12 unallocated focus points.*
* a newly created character has the same number of points.

"campaign.reallocate_companion [Name]"
>> attribute points / focus points can be reallocated. Percs can be reselected. Character level, skills and xp are not reset .

Only companions, family members and the main hero can be reset/reselected.
If you had the character menu open during the reset/reallocating, open it again.
If you use the Russian language in the game and have problems using the commands: Switch the game to English.

New in Version v1.1.1.1:
fixed a bug: Perks that give attribute or focus points are ignored during reallocation

Ideas for the next versions:
- When resetting a hero, the start attributes and focus points can be set (v1.2.0.0)
- Single perks can be reset (v1.3.0.0)

This mod contains adapted code parts of Respec Companions v1.6.

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