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Applies OldManHustle's Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks to Philozoraptor's Realistic Battle Mod

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Something I had noticed while using both Realistic Battle Mod and Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks was that it seemed like RBM just ignored modifying certain armors despite being thorough. I then realized that Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks was overriding the values of the helmets, leaving them at their vanilla stats while the RBM was changing them to show hair. This "mod" is an attempt to rectify that by providing the necessary files to tweak RBM to include HHCT.

This has been uploaded with permission from Philozoraptor and OldManHustle as of this posting. Thank you both for the support on this.

For those unaware of either module, the Realistic Battle Mod is an overhaul to the game that makes armor actually worthwhile, improves the AI, and a whole host of other tweaks to vastly improve the Mount & Blade experience rather than armor being expensive for little gain. Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks in turn is a module that aimed to minimize the "hair is obviously disabled" aspect of M&B when helmets are equipped by allowing it to be shown while wearing certain helmets that would show it - though this will be more noticeable on female characters (and troops) than men due to the hair options available.

WARNING: This is not a standalone mod and has not been designed to be an override activated after RBM. Rather, it provides the necessary file to implement HHCT into RBM without an extra mod to sort in your mod list.
Testing a Nexus Vortex version of these files. If you use the Nexus, give them a download. They should go beneath RBM in the mod order list and should override the head_armors_modified file in RBM.

0) This installation assumes that you have already downloaded the Realistic Battle Mod's Combat Module. Link below.

1) Download and extract the Helmet Hair for RBM files

2) Confirm that there are four files included in the folder
-- head_armors_modified_HHL (Includes the Light version of HHCT)
-- head_armors_modified_HHB (Includes the Base version of HHCT, which includes all the values from Light)
-- head_armors_modified_HHP (Includes the Plus version of HHCT, which includes Base and Light as well)
-- head_armors_modified_backup (this is a backup file included as a courtesy)

3) Decide which version you wish to use. Go to HHCT's page (URL below) to see his information about it.
(Link: )

4) Copy the version that you want into the following subfolder, beginning where your modules are installed:
[Bannerlord Modules]\RealisticBattleCombatModule\ModuleData

5) Remove the head_armors_modified file from the RBM folder (either copy it elsewhere as a backup or delete)

6) Rename the version you chose above to head_armors_modified to replace the original RBM XML

7) If everything was done properly, then when the combat module for RBM is active this will be active as well.

--- OldManHustle for creating Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks
--- Philozoraptor for creating the Realistic Battle Mod

All I did was create a hybridization file and upload. If you want to use this, please do them the courtesy of downloading and endorsing their modules as well.