Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Currently the game is unable to combine XML files from multiple mods that are referenced in a Module's project.mbproj file, resulting in a lot of mod incompatabilities. This mod fixes that, resolving the compatibility issues. This is necessary when for example multiple mods try to introduce their own combat animations.

Permissions and credits
When you start the game this mod will merge all mod XML's defined in mod project.mbproj files with the vanilla counterparts, and will make the game load the merged version. None of the original files are overwritten, the merged XML's will be placed in this mod's ModuleData folder. No savegame data is written by this mod, it can be removed at any time.

Standard mod installation, extract the archive to your game folder and activate the mod in the launcher. The mod should be last in the load order to be safe.

Should be compatible with everything, except perhaps mods that still use the old method of overriding the vanilla/Native XML's entirely. I recommend those mods to update to use this mod.

The chance of compatibility with future official game updates is VERY HIGH (until the devs fix this problem and this mod is made irrelevant).

Information for mod authors
Do NOT wrap your XML files referenced in your project.mbproj in a <base> element, UNLESS your file's "id" in project.mbproject is not used in any of the project.mbproject of the official Modules. In that case it probably won't work anyway though.

Do NOT copy the entire vanilla XML content in your XML's, only add the elements you need to your own XML. This mod will take care of the merging with the vanilla XML content.

Bug reports
If crashes happen due to this mod, pack the contents of this mod's ModuleData folder into a ZIP/RAR file and upload it to or another file hosting service, then make a bug report on this page and link to that archive.