Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Part of my price overhaul.
Balances the prices of shields dependend on armor.
All calculations are carefully handcrafted to make them worth what they are really worth.
Calculator for stats of your own items included!

Permissions and credits
Part of my price Balance: (rest coming soon!)
HV's Price Balance - Armor

Horse Armor
HV's Price Balance - Horse Armor or HV's Vanilla Horse Armor With Boni

HV's (Price Balance) - (Slow) Horses

Ranged weapons
HV's Price Balance - Ranged or HV's Ranged weapon compilation

This mod or HV's Shield Overhaul

Result of them:

HV's Price Balance - Shields
(if you want to have the same prices with other features, try this)

Carefully balances the prices of shields

  • Prices are balanced to fit into my price overhaul

All calculations are carefully handcrafted


The Price is dependend on hit points

Value = Hit Points³ x 0,00022 - 370


  • Cheapest shield worth 330
  • Most expensive shield worth 46000
  • Rest in between


  • Made in e1.5.4 
  • Save to uninstall whenever you want
  • Should be compatible with every other mod out there that doesn't change shields

Calculator for your own items included!
Click here to open

  1. Unpack into Modules folder
  2. Activate inside bannerlord launcher
  3. Load below mods that change shield stats

My other mod:

HV's Ultrawide Combat Hud