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This mod adds commands in the developer console to export or import any character in the game. You'll keep the exact same level as in your previous save, contrary to some other old tools which don't work fully since TW changed how the experience works.

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Hello everyone ! As probably many of you, I used to use the Character Import/Export mod back in the days. But since TW changed how the XP is managed, this tool doesn't work fully anymore, especially on the save of the experience. I know some other mods exist which allow to modify the heroes data from the game, but I wanted a simple tool as the CIE was, with a textfile to edit allowing easy modification. Maybe other people will want it too, so I share ^^

Two mod versions
- Console : only commands via the console. More compatible with anything usualy.
- GUI : Save / Load command also available in Encyclopedia

What can you change / transfer ?
- Name
- Level
- Money
- Age
- Culture
- Death status
- Family
- Partner
- Clan leaders relation
- Renown
- Influence
- Encyclopedia biography
- Body
- Traits
- Focus and attributes
- Equipment
- Skills
- Perks
- Unlocked crafting parts
- Settlements
- Army

How does it work ?

== Classic usage
- Go to the encyclopedia page of a character you wish to modify.
- Click save and go to your documents/MB Bannerlord/Character manager.
-Modify whatever you want. Some data aren't loaded by default, you have to activate them with the keyword "true".
- Save the file
- Come back in the gamr and click the load button
- Done !
== Console usage

Open the dev console with Alt+~ (QWERTY) or Alt+² (AZERTY). Then you have seven commands available:

  • HeroName : Save the data of the character HeroName
  • character_manager.load HeroName : Import the data of the character HeroName
    Notes :
    - You can use HeroName "main" to save/load the main character
    - You can use HeroName "companions" to save/load ALL your companions at once
    - R
    enown, influence, partner, equipment and crafting pieces are NOT loaded by default. Toogle them in the txt file (xxxActivated=true)

  • character_manager.load_all_companions : Import (and create if needed) all txt files with the data companion=true as companions
  • character_manager.reset HeroName : All attributes at 1, perks reset, focus at 0, and all points available (skills level NOT changed)
  • character_manager.resetfull HeroName : Reset attributes, skills, level, total experience, focus and perks (big thanks to rayler for the tip !)
  • character_manager.godmode HeroName : All stats boosted, all perks (except Rogue Extraordinaire, apparently broken in 1.5.7) and adds 1m denars to the character
  • character_manager.godmode_for_all : All stats boosted for every Hero in your save
  • character_manager.rename intialName , newName : Rename a character. Allows to temporary rename a character if two characters have the same name. Initial name is not case sensitive. You can use spaces in names. Names are trimmed, so if you add spaces after or before a name, they won't be used (example :        bob the something       ,          bob the other thing     will be read as bob the something  , bob the other thing without additional spaces). Comma is mandatory.
  • : Shows an help with command examples

    Use case examples

    Those use case are some simple example. You can do more complicated stuff with the command, but I'll stay simple for the sake of explanation.

    Transfer your hero from a save to another
    ORIGINAL SAVE mainHeroName
    A file mainHeroName.txt should be created in your documents

    Create a main hero with the same name
    character_manager.load mainHeroName

    You now have your old main character available

    Change the data of a specific hero heroNameToModify

    Edit the generated heroNameToModify.txt file as you wish
    Some data need to be activated, replace the =false values by =true if you want

    character_manager.load heroNameToModify

    The hero should now have the new stats you wanted

    Transfer all my companions from a save to another
    ORIGINAL SAVE companions (litteraly, that's the command)
    You should now have all the files of existing companions generated. If you do no wish to transfer them all, either delete manually the files, or export your companions one by one with the usual command.

    This command will generate your companions automaticaly, no need to do anything more

    NOTE : if one of your companions does not appear in the party, it's probably because one of the generated wanderer have the exact same name. Change the name of the wanderer first, or change the name of your companion in the txt file/filename.

    Additional notes

Once you exported the stats of a character, you can of course modify the file with notepad to put the stats you want.
If you want to save the data of the character XX and want to import it to the character YY, just change the filename from XX.txt to YY.txt, and import.
Characters with spaces in their name can be written exactly the same in the command, with spaces.

  • Download the file
  •  Open the archive
  • Put the CharacterManager folder directly into the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder (so theSubModule.xml file should be in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\CharacterManager)
  • Go to the CharacterManager\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client folder, right clic on the dll, and unblock the dll if required
  • Start the game, tick the Character Manager square
  • In the menu, a message should tell you the mod is ready

Why can't I put values over 500 ?

Even if you put really high values in the txt file, the tool will bring them back to 500 to avoid crashes as the game won't support really high values. The level and the money are not affected by this limitation, but dont put too high values otherwise the game may not support it.

Save game compatible ?
There should not have any impact on the savegame, except of course the fact that the stats are changed for the characters. Also, it will probably be compatible with ALL GAME VERSIONS, unless one day the devs decide to completly change their API, which won't happen unless they are totaly drunk one day. If so, I'll update anyway :P Lastly tested on 1.6.3, works well on previous versions.
Note : GUI may not be compatible with other mods modifyng the encyclopedia page. The console version is compatible with any other mod.

Known problems and workaround
- If a skill level of a character should be 0, it is set to 1. It's because the API function I call to reset character skills bring them all to 1, not 0.
- Perks you set on a companion after a reset won't stay activated. Workaround : reset a companion, save the game, reload, assign the perks.
- Cultures bonuses do not apply at character load unless you reload the save

My other mods
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