Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Simple mod adding more armors/weapons and variation of them to the Imperial Infantry units.

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Units have now variety of armors and weapons, using one handed axes and maces. Archers have small variety of 1h swords.
Menavliations now carry Big ass two handed axes and two handed Swords along with their standard Javelin.
Most high tier units now have kettle helmets or peaked helmets.
Wide heater shields are now a distinctive feature of Infantry at tier 2 and up.
TIer 4 and 5 Archers use composite bows and have two stacks of arrows and kettle helmets.
Tier 2 and 3 Archers have a bit worse bows and one stacks of arrows, mediocre armors and hats.
Crossbowman now have two stacks of bolts instead of shield. Tier 5 have kettle helmets.
All units wear simple boots(imperial cavalier boots and horseman boots).
Vigla recruits now have same equipment as tier 2 infantry.
Some units share same armors and weapons like their tier higher units but in less quantity.
Cavalry at tier 3 & 4 now has tier 4 armor and peaked helmets. Other cavalry units are unchanged.