Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Are you sick and tired of Vlandia looking like the coneheads? do you want to take Jersusa- I I mean the Serranid lands? Well look no further for the crusade for butter and Religion is Here!

Permissions and credits
This Mod completely overhauls the Vlandian Troop trees to make them into templars and Butterlords. Though Harlaus is Years away from being born carry his legend into battle By establishing what makes the butter lords Legends! Fight The Sarranids! establish butter caravans! praise God! Fight the Sarranids! and lets not forget about fighting the Sarranids! 

Huge thanks to The Swadian helmets Mod author ADamnSexyName as well as Leopoldtwo for the Italio Norman Helms!

and lets not forget the man I based the framework of this mod off of Zaldir (Iron Arm of Vlandia - Troop Overhaul)

(seriously endorse this beautiful man)

Happy Crusading!

WARNING probably incompatible with other mods that modify troop trees that are vlandian.

this is my first mod so forgive me for lack of phenomenal technical support.

also probably requires a restart