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Custom unit tree for the player faction, to be used with Adonnay's Troop Changer.

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People of England,

Have you ever passed a gaggle of goths hanging out in your local bus station and thought "damn, I wish my troops in Bannerlord were as fierce as them"

Wish no longer, for I present to thee Anglo Goths!

Just kidding obviously...

Basically this is just a player faction unique troop tree added to the game which I made for my own usage, made possible by Adonnay's Troop Changer. The units are based loosely on the Visigoths (because Bannerlord is basically the fall of Rome and I'm destroying the empire) and also English longbowmen (because I'm English and immediately opt for longbows in every game).

The troops are all considered basic units (only going to t5) and are basically designed to be good bang for your buck barbarians (considering the basic unit troop tree for Battania is kinda dissappointing). The recruit line will be unique to the player faction so will only spawn in settlement you own (and will replace the default culture recruit). They won't completely replace the default culture recruit so there is a little variety (about a 4:1 ratio in favour of the Goth recruit).

The ranged branch of the troop tree is based on English yeomen and are basically the love-child of Fians and Sharpshooters (equipped with a longbow, arming sword and small shield). In tests they perform pretty decently, besting equivalent archery lines (but not Fian champions unless you're clever); they hold up well to horse archers too and can give a decent effort when it comes down to melee.

The melee branches are based on the Goths (so kinda similar to Battanian units, given they're heavily inspired by the goths and the celts/irish). The Huskarl line consists of sword-and-board infantry equipped with javelins (a better Oathsworn) who perform well against archers due to their javelins, shields and high athletics (sorry AoE2 fans, couldn't give them high pierce armour). The Vandal/Anarchist line are your typical glass cannon unit, they are very fast and can dish out the damage with two-handed, polearms or javelins but are lightly-armoured and lack shields. In my test battles I also discovered the Anarchist in particular really excels in killing cavalry (They won a battle of 100 v 100 against elite cataphracts), while still being able to chop-up legionaries. The Mounted line is quite small and the units (mounted skirmishers basically) aren't anything special (they do well against the cavalry of non-cavalry cultures but are not match for vlandians or cataphracts); however, their athletics is high for a cavalry unit so they will still put up a good fight if dismounted.

Make sure you install Adonnay's Troop Changer before trying to use this mod, it does jack by itself.

Also, I only did this for my own use and decided to share in case I saved someone the trouble of doing themselves, so I won't be changing anything about it so don't ask. I might do if it's easy/i want it in my own version but I've also got time committments with C.elegans in the lab at the moment... Easier solution is to download notepad++ and follow Adonnay's guide to edit the ag_troops.xml (for troops loadouts/skills) or Anglo Goths_ATC.modconfig.xml (for modifiying distribution/recruitment settings).

p.s. If you can find the units in the encyclopedia but can't recruit them in your settlements, you may need to copy and paste the .xml in the 'config' folder into ATC's config folder (more info on Addonnay's page).