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  1. Icaurs13
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    THIS... is what you spent your time on?

    Edit: On second thought it seems likely that it has more working features than bannerlord so good job :D
    1. irulannaba
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      Chill out man, CAN YOU even make the same program like this? otherwise, shut up with your sarcasm.
    2. Icaurs13
      • member
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      excuse me for preferring taleworlds to spend their time working on and fixing so many broken mechanics on the game we bought rather than making an unrelated (albeit kinda cool and funny) mod overhaul
    3. Phunkhouse
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      From what I understand, they were basically testing modding capabilites within Bannerlord engine, in a little creative way. One useful output is that it's apparently not that easy to modify sounds. So, well, it's actually good thing in my opinion.
    4. Operative85
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      While I understand your frustrations, you ultimately have no say on what they can or can't spend their time on. They have no obligation to only work on Bannerlord, and from the looks of it, this is related to the betterment of Bannerlord and its modding tools anyways.

      This reply is days late, I know. But I just wanted to share my thoughts the same way you did. In the end, we can only show or stop our support. If this is where you decide to cut ties...well I can't say I agree, but you have all the right to do so.
    5. algoul
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      8 years man, 8 god damn years.
    6. Arcy2
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      Waiting 8 years sure does put stress on a mount and blade fan...
    7. Icaurs13
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      i have no intention of cutting ties, i am a huge fan of taleworlds' work. but as  arcy2 says. 8 years sure does put stress on a fan. while i do enjoy bannerlord it is missing so much still and while i am aware its still in EA and i knew what i was signing up for, i do admit i expected alot more, and seeing this mod just made me think that perhaps TW isnt best prioritising their time. I cant be the only one wanting more from bannerlord and for it to be the best it can be. and beforehand i was cozy in the knowledge that TW was working hard to make this game the best they can. then i saw this.
    8. Scarface980
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      They did this on weekend in their personel free time. They were not forced to join this game jam either. You have to be crazy to think that they did this on their working hours.
    9. bilbee
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      do game developers work 24/7, or what? that is the impression you give off. why in the world would they do this in their free time? besides, this is a test. they made it to test modding, and they probably did it in their free time. game devs have free time too.
    10. Max424
      • member
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      Are you retarded? They did that during their game jam, do you even know what that is? They used their own free time to play with Bannerlord modding API to create this mod. OUTSIDE OF WORKING HOURS, idiot. They even discovered problems with API (the note about sound in the description), and it's still not enough for you? Ffs, idiots like you should be sent to work camps.
  2. xXInkubusXx
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    No longer works. Can't load gamejam.dll or gamejam.helpers.dll on load. crashes.
  3. Joker860
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    Update needed! It makes crash the game during loading.
  4. tyrantrex
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    Nice! I hope we get to have modders who utilize the modularity to full potential after this POC.
    When we install this, like the other mods, however, we are getting a warning screen and have to confirm that everything going wrong about the world being our fault. That the baby seals and puppy dogs might die if we run the game modded.
    Can we like... Get rid of it? Looking at TW, steam, etc forums, that method doesn't seem to be working. :D

    Ty for the extra effort and keep up the good work!
  5. frisky87
    • member
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    Gotta love what you can do with mods. This really shows the modding potential for this game. It's pretty cool you only spent 24 hours on this.
  6. willswordpath
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    When Taleworlds developers could not make use of their own API properly.
    How bad these API exactly?
  7. jeffstip
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    Exciting to see what you can do with these mod tools!
    It makes me hope for a sci-fi mod with proper dogfighting
    Or more minigames in the taverns!
  8. pandoras1919
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    Siz kafayi yemissiniz manyaksiniz :D
    The Elder Scrolls 6 coming
    Grand Theft Auto 6 coming 
    with bannerlord mods tools
    1. Noname0598
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  9. ShadowMaster13
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    This is ... art
  10. suetree
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     Interesting thing