Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod will double the effects of most buildings in towns and castles.

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The buildings in castles and towns take forever to build and when built provide very tiny bonuses. The order of magnitude of the building effects is barely noticeable in many cases. This mod changes that buy doubling the effectiveness of the buildings.

Buildings affected are:
Town Training Fields
Town Fairgrounds
Town Aqueducts
Town Forum
Town Workshop
Town Militia Barracks
Town Orchard**
Castle Training Fields
Castle Workshop
Castle Fairgrounds
Castle Militia Barracks
Castle Gardens**
Town Marketplace***

** The town orchard and castle gardens were added due to mod conflicts. See mod compatibility below.

***The town marketplace does NOT get double effects from this mod. It was at 10/15/30 percent change and I felt it should be 10/20/30. I have no idea why the level 2 marketplace was gimped, but I fixed it.

I did not double the effects of the granary or garrison (wall building) as this seemed unnecessary. I also did not double the effects of the tax collection building. There is a second version of the mod (Double Building Effects More Gold) that will increase the effectiveness of the tax collection buildings by 50% (from 10/20/30 to 15/30/45).  I did not double the effect of the siege workshop as it is seldom of any benefit to the player.

This is a relatively simply mod that changes the tuning values for the settlement buildings. I am using it in my own game and I thought that some of you might like to use it yourselves.

Save Game Safe!
You can add and remove this mod at any time. It does not save any data to the save file. It can be added to an existing game. If you remove the mod the buildings will return to their previous values.

Compatibility With Other Mods
This mod uses harmony to change the InitializeAll method of the DefaultBuildingTypes class. It will conflict with any mod that changes the same method.

Specifically this mod conflicts with the “Orchards and gardens buff” mod (OrchardsMod). I was hoping that the two mods would work together, but you can’t have two mods postfix the same method with harmony. The result is a game crash.

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