Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

Made on modding tool.
Added 2 towns for each non imperial faction (3 Village each)
Added 1 town to each imperial faction (3 Village each)
My old mod Supreme Kingdom +4 town for them (5 village each)
17 towns and 49 villages in total
Ronin Mod

Permissions and credits
Changelog 1.5.5 and 1.5.6

Needs New Game
-Shield Units added for Tetsojin faction
-Renamed Ronin culture into Tetsojin
-Added Ashigaru armor set
-Tetsojintroop reformed
-Optimized Katana Mesh
-Optimized Naginata Mesh
Battlesize can now be increased.

All contents here in the link are added to Towns mania

The added Native Culture towns before are missing because this is a ronin map, it contains bridges that will be hard to copy because of it's ID are all the same, so I decided the towns should the one I will transfer and because of base game update,  I only have enough time to transfer only the New Culture's towns

Next update will take longer and for the mean time, please enjoy the mod because next update will definitely needs a new game again :( to make up for it, I will add old towns and relocate it along with Merchant City, and possibly a New Egypt culture for Aserai

Currently this is the Counter parts of the cultures.

Khuzait - Tetsojin
Battania - Ancients (Subject to change)
Sturgia - Valkyrie (could be Vikings)
Empire - Traders (not yet added, this is the old Merchant City, Subject to change)
Aserai - Egyptian (Planned)
Vlandia - Crusader (Planned)

Complete siege Icon
Collision box on town is applied.
Some terrain is reform to insert new town.
Make some inaccessible area of the map accessible.  

More towns means
-more notable for troop recruitment.
-more workshops.
-Initially low prices of products, but will be back to normal overtime.

About towns:
New towns that belongs to native faction will start at level 1 wall, 500 prosperity. It is a young town, easy to conquer but low income.

Just use vortex or Drop inside Modules folder

Text Fixes should be extracted or dropped beside Modules Folder

Delete Towns_Mania Folder

Planned Contents:
Merchant City
Map expansion
Custom town and scene

Extract or drop inside Main Game folder

Not compatible with any mod that edit terrain and Main_map scene
The Sturgian Bridge mod has available compatible version, by XDaron

Tutorials on how to make this mod (In progress)