Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod makes it possible to rebuild looted villages if you have the time and materials.

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It takes a very long time for villages to rebuild themselves after being raided. They sit there and smolder and no one lifts a finger to help the survivors. Looted villages bring down property values and are a blight on the landscape. They also screw up the prosperity of the castle or town they are attached to.

This mod allows you to rebuild any looted village. It does not need to be a village you own. You will need to have 50 grain and 50 hardwood in your inventory. The grain is given to the villagers and the wood is used in the rebuilding process.

It takes 24 hours for your men to rebuild the village. This is the default value. You can set the rebuilding time in the mod’s configuration file. The range of allowable values is 12 to 96 inclusive. The mod file name is RebuildLootedVillages.txt and it is located in the same folder as the DLL file.

The notables of the village will be very grateful for your assistance. You will receive 20 points of relation with each notable in the village.

Note: Villages tend to keep smoking after being rebuilt. I think there is some kind of map event that is supposed to fire off after a village is repaired. Sometime villages that are repaired by the game will continue to smoke as well. The solution is to save your game and then load it again. This will make any repaired villages stop smoking. It is annoying but it is an easy fix.

Save Game Safe!
You can add and remove this mod at any time. It does not save any data to the save file. It can be added to an existing game.

Compatibility With Other Mods
This mod does not use harmony or change any game code. It adds an extension module to the game that runs silently in the background. It is unlikely to conflict with other mods or future updates to the game.

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