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Governors of towns and castles will handle all issues with towns and attached villages.

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In case you were not aware, unresolved quests in towns and villages will now harm prosperity and loyalty of towns and castles. It’s a half-baked idea at best and it makes the game almost unplayable if you own several towns.

I’m a busy lord, off fighting wars for the king. I don’t have time to take a heard to Lageta or to deal with some poachers or escort a caravan. I have people that should be taking care of things like that. I mean, isn’t that what a governor is supposed to do? In my current game I control five towns and four castles and I honestly can’t do all of the quests generated by all those towns and villages. It’s quite literally impossible.

This mod empowers the governors of your towns and castles to deal with any issues affecting their settlements. The issues will be dealt with daily. You will get a notification for each settlement that has had any issues that have been dealt with. (You can turn the notifications off in the configuration file.)

One thing that you should be aware of is that issues generate quests. If the issues are dealt with the relevant quests will go away, even if you have started them. Just to be clear, you won’t be able to do any quests in towns and villages you own that are controlled by a governor. By the time you are assigning governors you probably have had your fill of quests.

The configuration file is GovernorsHandleIssues.txt and it is located in the same folder as the DLL file. If ShouldReport is set to true you will receive notifications, false will turn them off. The default is true.

You might want to use the mod True Limits to increase the number of companions that you can have. You will need them for use as governors. I recommend using governors with engineer skill in towns where you are building things as their skill as an engineer does make things build faster.

I made this mod because I really needed it and I would think that many of you probably need it too.

Save Game Safe!
You can add and remove this mod at any time. It does not save any data to the save file. It can be added to an existing game.

Compatibility With Other Mods
This mod does not use harmony or change any game code. It adds an extension module to the game that runs silently in the background. It is unlikely to conflict with other mods or future updates to the game.

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