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This mod adds a 300 variant greek helmet and shield alongside two weapons based off crafting recipes and spartan troops to the game. Only usable with cheats

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This is a small modification that adds some new items and addes new variants of already existing items based off 300.

It right now only includes two really new items that are the Spartan Shield and Helmet. They are modelled and textured after their 300 looks. I don't care about any historical authenticity or going deeper in this direction to create more stuff.
I also included two test-troops (which are lowkey OP) which you can give yourself using the Developer Console with Alt+^ or whatever your countries' Hotkey Combination is like and use the "campaign.give_troops" Command.

(Basic Hoplite with Spear and Shield)
(Basic Hoplite with Sword and Shield)
(Hoplite with Cuirass and throwing Pila + Spear/Shield)
(Hoplite with Cuirass and throwing Pila + Sword/Shield)
(Peltastes with Javelin without Armor or Cape + Sword/Shield)
(Toxotes with Bow without Armor or Cape + Sword)
(Hellenic-ish Hoplite without any Cape and worse stats than any unit above. Good Fodder Unit for having large-scale balanced battles)

I don't know if you can actually find the modified items on merchants but you can also enable cheat_mode (even with console "config_cheat_mode 1") open your Inventory and look for Spartan XYZ.

Full Item-List:
Spartan Helmet (Tanky Helmet that looks awesome)
Spartan Leonidas Helmet (Very buffed with Black Hair)
Spartan Bodyguard Helmet Black (Buffed with Hair)
Spartan Bodyguard Helmet Red (Buffed with Hair)
Spartan Bodyguard Helmet Dark Red (Buffed with Hair)
Spartan Bodyguard Helmet Blue (Buffed with Hair)
Spartan Bodyguard Helmet Green (Buffed with Hair)
Spartan Dory (Not the best but a very long and stabby spear)
Spartan Xiphos (A very short but deadly Dagger/Sword)
Spartan Sandals (Your usual Greek Sandals kinda beefy)
Spartan Greaves (Your usual Greek Greaves very beefy)
Spartan Cape (Only use without any shoulder heavy armor)
Spartan Leather Cloth (Spartan Underwear that does look better than default)
Spartan Cuirass (Spartan Cuirass Bronze Plating with the Underwear)
Spartan Shield (Absolute overkill nearly-indestructible metal shield. It just sounds too cool with the metal sounds)

I have done this only as a test module and to wake everyone up on Nexus to start publishing small content packs of their armours. We can all do dependencies if we later create bigger mods that depend on smaller ones. Or vice-versa.