Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod adds a medieval Zweihander sword to the game.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a medieval Zweihander sword to the game.

How to install
Move the Zweihander folder inside your game's Modules folder.

How to get
You can give the sword to yourself via console commands (the ID is zweihander), the sword should also (hopefully) show up in Vlandian markets. You can also craft the sword provided you unlock the necessary parts. The crafting parts for the sword are in a separate category for the purposes of compatibility with other mods.
I recommend installing Key's Royal Armoury mod, this makes the Zweihander likely to show up in loyal armouries.

Incompatible mods
None as of now. If you find any incompatible mods, let me know.

Save game compatibility
For v1.5.2: 
Since the mod adds a new item to your world, trying to load a save with this item but without the mod will most likely cause a crash. Make a backup of your save before enabling.
For v1.5.3: The mod should be safe to remove if neither you nor your companions have the mod items equipped. If you have the mod items in your inventory, they will simply turn into "Trash item" once the mod is disabled.