Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Nothing can hurt your body of steel.

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Update v0.9.1 (Unavailable for downloads until issues are fixed)
- Improved graphic (dust/sparks/broken arrows) upon hit
- Improved SFX upon javelin hits.
- Hid the logs of damages received and the red aura upon hit. But you can press ctrl + I (capital "Ai") to toggle it.

Known issues:
- v0.9.1 caused crashes pretty often.
- The game may crash sometimes during a seige.
- When "ShowBlood=True" in the BannerlordConfig.txt, an arrow will still put a bloodstain on you, despite that no melee attack will. For the best experience so far, you can set the ShowBlood=Flase (although that means AI won't show blood too).

With your super body of steel:

- Arrows and javelins bounce off you.
- Your skin is so hard that no melee weapon can cut/pierce through.
- You don't bleed.
- Nothing can hurt you (horse charge, falling, etc.) so you always have full health :)

Explore Calradia as a Goddess/God of War!

There's a demo video under the "Videos" tab.

To be mortal again, disable this mod.

Q: Crashes upon loading?
A: Try unblocking the module. You can follow this guide, or use this Module Unblocker mod (Thanks to malafein for making it).