Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds content to looted villages.

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This mods goal is to add content to looted villages.

This mod is VERY early in development so everything below is subject to change.

Now that I've got a bit more experience and feedback I've updated the structure of this description.

The "Current Features" section will stay. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

There is now a "Development plan" section that will replace the "Planned Features" section.
This will try to include everything that I plan on adding and what I will consider different versions of the mod.
It's not set in stone and subject to change. So somethings may be implemented before others and some may get removed/added.
The main goal is just to show generally what I'm working on and the direction of the mod.

I've also added a "Possible Ideas" section. This section is not currently in the development plan but may be in the future.
The ideas in this section won't be very flushed out. Its more for random ideas, notes, and feedback that I receive.

I will try to include patch notes with every update  in the "Patch Notes" section.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Current Features:

Development Plan:

Possible Ideas:

Patch Notes:

Currently works with 1.4.1 - 1.5.1

Should be compatible with most other mods but haven't tested it much.
Works on already started campaigns.

This is my first mod and has been a really great learning experience. I will eventually get this on github and update it with a link here.

Shoutout to HumanLikeCreature they have been a huge help! Checkout their mods!

Please report bugs.

Again any feedback would be appreciated!