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Revision for 1.5.2 now available. Pathfinding issue now fixed.

Permissions and credits

1 Install the really brilliant POC color randomizer mod

Totally necessary.  Without it, the heraldry is all to pot.  Quite Brilliant mod.

2 Look in the download folder, unzip.

3 Place the folders into the Modules folder in your Bannerlord Steam directory. 

It overwrites four sandbox files, I have included copies of the originals in this download so you can revert to the original game when you want.

First things first, Not much I can do about the map which I cannot mod with my knowledge  If you can, let me know, or better still, just do it, p[ut it in the mod and send it to me!  Until then, the map cannot be changed, except by turning it round.  So turn the map round so that Vlandia is at the bottom.    When you do, it looks a bit like Scotland!  If you screw your eyes up.

The six kingdoms (Vlandia, 3xEmpire, Battania, Sturgia) roughly correspond to earldoms and kingdoms in Scotland at the time -  England, Southern Scotland, The Lord Of The Isles, Sutherland, The Earldom of Moray and the Mormaer of Ross.  This was  just after the Scots King defeated the Vikings at the battle of Largs in 1263, when Norse, Gaelic, Anglo Scot and English influences were delicately poised.  The Vikings controlled the west coast, Northern Isles and Sutherland.  The Gaels had been driven out of the lowlands of Scotland by the incoming Anglo Scots. After a couple of hundred years these were no longer Norman, but very definitely an independent minded people.  The Anglo Scot incomers produced William Wallace, Robert The Bruce and a host of others - definitely not to be confused with the Anglo Normans of England, although they tended to be related to them, and many held lands in both England & Scotland.  All of the factions went to war with the rest at one point or another about this time. 

I've amended, the cultures of the settlements and the kingdoms to suit.  There's now a mix of Sturgian (Nordic), Battanian (Gaelic) and Vlandian ( English and Anglo Scot) culture.  So, the clans, hero names and heraldry roughly correspond to the era and geography, given the map.  There's even a young Robert The Bruce in there, along with the future Edward Longshanks.  Both teenagers at the moment.  

But, there were very few camels, Horse archers or Cataphracts in Scotland at the time, so the Khuzait, Azerai and Empire cultures are largely gone.  I've also amended the trading system.  Not many Grapes, Silk, Olives or steppe horses in Shetland.  So,there are changes in trade and culture.  The trade prices adjust accordingly over time.  Sheep are depressingly cheap.  Horses can now get expensive, really expensive, except in England.  So, there should eventually be loads of English knights, the flowers of English chivalry, for the Plucky Scots to annihilate.  they just have to do it on foot, mainly!

Overall, it does some justice to Scots medieval times.  Its a work in progress just now.  Comments, suggestions, and of course any improvements, would be welcome.  My inspiration was the Nigel Tranter Novels - the Scot of the year wrote around 40 historical novels covering Scottish kings and knights from AD 600 to 1600 - and they are all excellent.

I have a number of other mods loaded which are excellent:

battle size unlocker, that the battles are bigger, better and less of a reinforcementfest.  
party AI overhaul to make your comp[anions less brain dead
View All Wars so you can see how much everyone is at war with the English
Cultured Start saves hours of fruitless trading - start with a castle! 
Distinguish Troops - all round lovely looking troops
Also all of the True modules


My plans at the moment are as follows:

  1. Find the bugs. - Something in one of the files is causing pathfinding issues, will squash UPDATE 9.10 FIXED
  2. There's a crash when you walk around a village or get a mission from a village; also sometimes when you speak to a new companion in the taverns. Not sure why! USING FASTDIALOGUE MOD AS WORKAROUND FOR PRESENT
  3. Take out the Aserai - currently I've changed the culture to be more European, but left them in as Europeans This is because I don't want to take out Settlements, Lords, clans etc as I don't know what effect this will have on the game
  4. Seek a modder who can put a functioning Scotland map into the game - I was very excited to see the release of the modding kit this week, as I'd like to see a map of Scotland in there, but having tried to start using it for scene generation, realised its beyond me to put a functioning campaign map in game, then move the settlements to be in the proper places.
  5. Design the proper castles in the proper places. Stirling Castle should be the pivot of Scotland. At the moment its in the wrong place, there's no marshland or Stirling Bridge.
  6. Amend the timescale to place this as the Scottish Wars of Independence from 1296, with changes to ownership, clans etc, and include some of the Lords of the era
  7. More rain. (Though a mod came out today which I think does this, will need to check it out).

If you're able to help, please let me know. Better still, go download the mod, & go and improve it. At the moment its very much open source!