Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Enables the "Weight" and "Build" sliders in Character Creation. Developed for game version 1.4.3, but works for 1.5.0.

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One thing that really bugged me about my character is that he'd become incredibly thin somehow after a few months in-game. I'm not sure about what causes it, but I resolved to mod that bug out of my game.

However, when I wanted to download Detailed Character Creation, I found to my chagrin that it crashed and burned amidst 1.4.3's code refactor. It had not been updated on the github page for about 2 months, so I'm forced to assume that the author had his skull drank from by marauders. The author(s) have become active once more, as of 8/24/2020! Praise be!

So, I learned how to mod the game in a couple of days, then I made a very simple mod that lets you access the Weight and Build sliders in Character Creation.

There really isn't much else to it, feature-wise. However, I can offer the Maybe-Road-Map for future possibilities if/when I feel like it:

  1. Fix crash bug(s) that either I or the People find.
  2. Implement some basic attribute/skill-based physique changes for Heroes (Nobles, Wanderers). This won't include the Player Hero at first, since I think people want more control over their character's looks -- including myself.
  3. Mod Configuration stuff: Switches for attribute/skill-based body changes affecting player, affecting heros, that sort of thing.
  4. Detailed Character Creation-esque editing of any Hero's appearance, body properties.
  5. Mod Configuration stuff for enabling/disabling DCC editing ability.  As of 8/24/2020, the devs of DCC have become active again, so I don't think I should try to steal their thunder anymore.
  6. More granulated physique changes (arm/bicep, beer belly, calf size) from some specific skills. (Ex: Archery increases arm size but not legs)

It should be noted that I did look at Detailed Character Creation's source code for the purposes of learning how they did the basic submodule stuff (this was after much trial and error, going over this utility or that utility such as UIExtender, and looking at the understandably sparse modder's documentation). I'm not sure if that's something in bad taste or not, but I'd be happy to take this mod off of the Nexus if PoPoWanObi et. al. take issue with it.


This mod isn't particularly complicated and doesn't do anything but flip a single boolean flag.

Right now, I'm running Party AI Overhaul, Better Relations, True Prisoners, Fixed Troops, and Realistic Battle Mod with this one, and it seems to work just fine. I don't expect this mod to crash your game, but it's hard for a beginner like me to guarantee that kind of thing.