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This mod provides more powerful custom battle.

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Enhanced Battle Test
A mod for Mount&Blade Bannerlord that provides more powerful custom battle.

  • You can start a custom battle and choose multiplayer characters or singleplayer characters.
    • You can choose at most 8 groups of troops for each side.
  • (This not supported now)For multiplayer characters, you can choose perks, which is the same as in multiplayer mode.
  • For singleplayer mode, you can choose all the characters in campaign except companions, as they are generated dynamically.
  • You can adjust gender ratio for each group of troops.
  • You can customize the banner of each team in banner editor in singleplayer battle test, with copy-paste feature.
  • Configuration saving. The battle configuration is saved in "(user directory)\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\EnhancedBattleTest\".
    • The configuration for multiplayer battle test is saved in "mpconfig.xml" and that for singleplayer battle test is saved in "spconfig.xml".

  • For those who want to use the free camera feature in the old version, please look at this mod: RTS Camera.

How to install
  • Copy `Modules` folder into Bannerlord installation folder(For example `C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord - Beta`). It should be merged with `Modules` of the game. Or use Vortex to install it automatically. Note that the other files should not be installed. They are source files used to build the mod and are for those who want to modify the mod.

How to use
  • Enter the mod by open escape menu in Campaign map.
  • Warn: Use a game save that you don't play further to begin battle in this mod, because starting a battle in this mod will change campaign data, for example moving heroes elsewhere or adding parties.
  • You can select troops for each side of teams.
  • Click each formation to select troop for it.
  • You can change conditions to filter characters appearing in the list.
  • Try to change other search conditions if the character list is empty, especially the "Group" condition. You will get the character list empty for most occupations when group is set to "cavalry".
  • Click `Start` to enjoy the battle.

  • Q: What does the "Tactic Level" option do?
  • A: Tactic level determines what tactics the AI will use, such as "Charge", "Protect flank", "Forming a skirmish line", etc. It has different effect when the value is in 0-20, 20-50 and higher than 50, respectively.
  • Q: What does the "Soldier Equipment Modifier" option do?
  • A: In singleplayer mode, including campaign mode and custom battle mode, a random modifier may be added to every equipment of each soldier when it's spawned, such as "fine", "heavy", "balanced", or no modifier at all.
    • If you select "Random", then the behavior is the same as it is in Campaign mode: modifier will be randomly chosen and applied.
    • If you select "Average", then the bonus of the applied modifier will be the mathematical expectation of bonus of all possible modifiers. In this way, all the soldiers with the same equipment will have the same armor. No random behavior any more. 
    • If you select "None", then no modifier will be applied to equipment of soldiers.

  • If the game crashed when loading a siege battle, try to change the scene level. Some scenes lacks data for some scene level, so this may help.
  • If the game crashed when clicking the button on initial screen, when starting a battle, or after the config file being modified, please delete the config file to reset config.
Source code
You can get the source code at GitHub.

Contact with me
Please mail to: [email protected]
This mod is originated from mod "Battle Test" written by Modbed. Way to contact him:
  • TaleWorlds forum: modbed
  • youtube: modbed
  • bilibili: modbed帅
  • website: