Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

Lets you customize most aspects of character development such as learning rates, learning limit, xp gained, xp required for character/skill level, max attribute/focus etc.

Permissions and credits
The mod uses Mod Configuration Menu to make everything configurable in game.
Xp gain multipliers per skill
Xp gain multipliers that do not affect Character level Xp
The maximum character level can be set
Max attribute can be set
Max focus can be set
Attributes per level can be changed
Focus per level can be changed

Learning rate, learning limit and learning rate over limit calculations can be modified
The calculation for required xp for skill levels can be modified.
The calculation for required xp for character levels can be modified.

The expressions are parsed using Expression.Evaluate() from ExpressiveParser

When learning rate is calculated first Base Number is calculated.
This is then used to calculate the Learning Rate expression.
Limit is used to calculate the learning limit.
If the skill value is over the learning limit, Over Limit expression is calculated and added to Learning Rate.
If the learning rate is below Learning rate minimum limit, it becomes the minimum limit. Same for learning limit.

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