Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Improves the loot of raiding villages by adding more varied items in larger quantities based on the local economy.

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In the vanilla game, raiding villages will only grant the raiding party some of the goods that are in the village market. This makes raiding villages generally not worth the time and risk. This mod grants raiding parties a varied assortment of miscellaneous trade goods as loot, representing the private posessions of the villagers that are usually not for sale.

The type and amount of goods you get is based on the village's prosperity (called "Hearths" in the village tooltip) and the relative price of the good type in the village's marketdata. Raiding prosperous villages can now get you loot of significant worth, making raiding viable as a main source of income.

Installation & Compatibility
The mod is technically very simple, no additional data is stored in the savegame. It should be compatible with practically everything else.
Extract the archive to your game folder. Make sure no DLL's are blocked by your system. Activate the mod in your mod launcher.

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